This is our ultimate smooth, comfortable, fast, Multi-Terrain, Continent Crushing, Ultra Endurance machine! 

The Story

The BokehTi takes all the characteristics of our hugely popular, award and review winning Bokeh Alu and adds the incredibly taut, propulsive ride that is made possible by a full custom Italian tubeset made just for us by Dedacciai. 

Finding a maker for the BokehTi was hard! I spent a long time trying to find the craftsmen that had the knowledge and experience to provide exactly what we needed in terms of weld quality and finish. A year in I decided to ditch our first maker and find someone new, an extremely difficult decision after investing so much time, but 90% right is not what we do. Our final maker is right at the top of their game, they provide us with many many years of expertise with Ti frames and their welds and finish quality are incredible.

Again working with Dedacciai in Italy and also with Reynolds UK, we designed an entire custom tubeset for the super advanced BokehTi. We like to work with brands who we admire and who are creating something functional and different that can offer real performance advantages for our bikes.

We worked with Dedacciai to design a Mason ‘DForm’ down tube from titanium, this had it’s challenges because Ti cannot be formed in the same way as Alu. Our down tube is a particular challenge because it is not a simple ‘D’ section and varies in shape from being taller/narrower at the head tube to being wider and lower in section where it meets the BB shell. This shape allows a very wide weld where the tube meets the BB, giving it great stability but ensures that the weld doesn’t excessively overlap onto the base of the seat tube. This situation can lead to excessive stress and cracking of the seat tube base. 

In conjunction with our work with Dedacciai, we were heavily involved in the development of the highly advanced Reynolds UK, 3D printed Titanium, thru-axle/flat-mount dropouts that we use for the BokehTi. Mason Cycles are the first to use these dropouts for production frames. The dropouts are extremely precise and lightweight and provide highly accurate and stiff axle retention. The interior is a highly complex structure, only made possible by using this advanced 3D ‘Additive Manufacturing’ process, internal ribs, gussets and guides deal with riding forces and guide internally routed electronic-shifting cables. Alongside the dropouts, we worked with Reynolds to create beautiful new double-bend and tapered titanium chain stays. The stays mate perfectly with the dropouts and combine to give us the huge tyre clearance and smooth propulsion that we require.

You can see our ‘standard builds’ below but we are able to offer many combinations of the builds shown and in our Resolution and Definition pages to create your exclusive custom-built Mason BokehTi. We communicate very closely with our customers and tailor these bikes exactly to their needs. As part of our custom programme and unlike the other frames in the Mason range, you can specify detail changes and some geometry adjustment for the BokehTi. Contact us for full details HERE.

For you this means perfect alignment and extremely efficient power transfer, helping to give the BokehTi it’s incredible ride quality and ultra-distance, terrain conquering mastery.