Responding to popular demand from our community, we are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to the Mason Bokeh lineup: the distinctive Optic Green limited edition. Drawing inspiration from our renowned RAW and Exposure bikes, this new colour iteration reflects our passion for #RideDrivenDesign and listening to our riders. Coinciding with the highly anticipated launch of the Shimano GRX 820 groupset, this release offers a unique chance to pick up the latest Mason Cycles release.

The Bokeh is our multi-award winning, Italian crafted, custom tubed, premium Dedacciai aluminium framed 'AdventureSport' machines for fast ‘Continent Crushing’ rides and they can use either 650b x 55mm or 700c, with up to 45mm tyres. Many customers specify 2 sets of wheels, and a quick swap dials the Bokeh perfectly to your chosen terrain or adventure.

GRX 820 is Shimano's brand new adventure-riding specific groupset. Designed with a range of unique performance features and ergonomics developed over several years to make adventure riding as fast and comfortable as possible.

Our builds are available with 1×12 or 2×12 cranksets, both using adventure/bike-packing tuned ratios, and the latest clutched derailleurs to match.

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