Complete Bikes


The new MASON SLR steel bicycle is the result of our focus on smooth, long-lasting performance, and luxury grand-touring capabilities. Your dream Super Randonee machine and a new chapter in Mason Cycles’ obsession with high performance steel.

Up to 700c x 40mm wheels/tyres, including full fenders.

Developed and fabricated in collaboration with one of the most skilled and established bicycle frame builders in Italy - Cicli Barco.


The new MASON Exposure is an advanced steel bikepacking and adventure machine. Designed with larger clearances and is highly adaptable with multiple load carrying configurations.

Designed with capacity for 650b x 58mm [2.35”] and 700c x 50mm tyres.

Developed and fabricated in collaboration with one of the most skilled bicycle frame builders in the world - Cicli Barco. This lovingly crafted bicycle is developed for fast, long-distance and multi-month adventure touring over very variable and unpredictable terrain.


The Mason RAW hardtail. Our UK made, Dedacciai and Reynolds steel trail/travel bike that wants you to take it on adventures. As dictated by our Mason DNA and drawing on 8 years of #FastFar bicycle design and frame development in conjunction with world class riders such as Josh Ibbett and Angus Young.

Capacity for 29 x 2.6" wheels/tyres, the RAW delivers fast, efficient, sure-footed, all terrain adventures.


Our Italian made, Dedacciai titanium, ultimate road bicycle. The Aspect uses the best European titanium tubing and highly advanced 3D printed UK made dropouts to deftly balance speed, comfort and handling.

700c, with capacity for 35mm tyres [32mm with full fenders].

Smooth, ultra-distance efficiency, taking variable surfaces and unpredictable weather conditions in it's stride.

All builds shown for our Resolution and Definition models are also available for Aspect.



Our Italian made, Dedacciai steel, Ultimate Adventurer. The ISO is an ultra-endurance race winning machine, designed to be pretty much unstoppable over a very wide range of terrain.

High-volume 650bx2.8" or 29"x2.6" wheels and tyres, huge versatility and innovative load carrying solutions with a supremely comfortable riding position.

The ISO is designed to take care of you for long journeys into the wilderness.


Our Italian made, Dedacciai Aluminium and Titanium, AdventureSport Bicycles. We believe that the term 'Gravel' does not do full justice to the capabilities of this multi-terrain machine.

With capacity for 650b x 51mm or 700c x 45mm, the Bokeh is your versatile friend for fast adventure and fun-filled bike packing trips.

The Bokeh and BokehTi are at home loaded up and traversing continents as they are stripped down and hammering forest single-track.

All builds shown for our Bokeh models are also available for BokehTi.



Our Italian made, Columbus steel all-road bicycle. The Resolution uses the most modern design thinking and features to deliver a buttery smooth ride, across a wide range of surfaces in all conditions.

700c, with capacity for 35mm tyres [32mm with full fenders].

Confidence inspiring, dependable, long-distance performance.



Our Italian made, Dedacciai aluminium, all-road bicycle that tackles the most variable and unpredictable surfaces with confidence and poise.

"The way this thing rides is a masterclass in bike design and engineering" | 2022.

700c, with capacity for 35mm tyres [32mm with full fenders].

The Definition is designed to deliver sporty, long-distance performance in the harshest conditions.