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Press | A Classy Modern Heir To The Classic British Tourer

The overall feeling is very much in line with Mason's description of a luxury long-distance tourer: it's not a bike that invites repeated accelerations, but settle into a cadence, switch on your mental cruise control and enjoy the miles hum by in comfort under those plush tyres. There's something almost retro feeling about the SLR, not only the frame material and details like the chain pip and frame pump peg, but in spirit too. It's like a classic tourer or randonneur, but updated with every mod con you could imagine: a Dawes Super Galaxy for the 21st century.


Most of us buy with either our head or our heart, and whichever category you fall into if you take delivery of a MASON SLR, you will be incredibly satisfied. Either way, you'll end up with a piece of engineering excellence that looks absolutely stunning in the flesh, and every time you throw a leg over the top tube you will be truly stunned by the ride quality and the way it behaves. * Road Bike of the Year and overall winner for Bike of the Year 2022/23*

Overall  4.5/5

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