If you are looking to tackle more extreme off-road, while still having the ability to roll along comfortably on tarmac, or if you plan some serious bikepacking expeditions, it lets you go further and more extreme than just about any other drop bar bike.

Cycling Weekly 

"Sometimes a bike comes along that completely delivers in its capabilities, looks and build quality. The Mason ISO - In Search Of -  is one of those bikes. With an Italian hand-built frame, a superb level of finish and detail it nonchalantly comes along and redefines what a drop-bar bike is assumed to be capable of being."


The 'InSearchOf' or 'ISO,' comes into its own after our riders reach the limits with our Bokeh and Exposure, when riders need a tool that can go further off-road. The steel adventure frameset aligns with the #FastFar and #ContinentCrushing spirit, with a progressive frame and fork design that accommodates 29 x 2.4" or 650b x 2.8 wheels. This versatility enables the bike to tackle steeper, rougher, and more challenging terrains. Equipped with multiple mounting points, a specialized load-bearing mudguard, specific rack systems, 160/180 flat-mount braking, and 100mm suspension-ready geometry, the InSearchOf does not shy away from embracing the 'Progressive' essence that defines our brand.