The Resolution is our steel road bicycle that reimagines the proposition of steel, delivering a buttery smooth ride when the going gets rough while still packing a stiff kick upon acceleration.

The Mason Resolution is a steel endurance road bike that strikes a perfect balance between versatility, utility and style, with a super smooth ride quality that begs to be ridden far and hard.


This is not a lifeless ‘do it all’ machine but a spirited ‘multi-discipline’ bicycle, designed to work in many ways and maybe replace 3 or 4 of your fleet!

While the Definition utilises the unique (and often ignored) qualities of aluminium, the Resolution was about tapping into the many benefits of steel. Steel has legendary qualities for performance bike frames, its elastic properties lend life and feel to the ride and its excellent fatigue properties mean that with proper corrosion protection, the frame will last a very long time.

After working with many frame-building materials over the years, we became really interested in developing a performance steel frame when Columbus introduced their beautiful ’Spirit’ and ‘Life’ tube sets. Combining these tubes with modern componentry and progressive geometry was the formula for something very special.

The Columbus ’Niobium Doped’ alloy that is used to produce the Spirit and Life tubing really makes this an exciting material to use for a lightweight, performance bike. Their fine-grained, micro-alloyed steel allows wall dimensions as low as 0.4mm, giving really low weights along with high fatigue resistance and excellent welding qualities.