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CyclingPlus / Bikeradar

"..depending on the wheel choice, you’ll also find the Bokeh fast and engaging whether chasing the chain gang or charging through the woods, cementing its status as the ultimate all-rounder and a very rare five out of five."

Overall  5/5


Mason Bokeh Rival 1x | Cyclist.

Sleek, stylish and ready made for big adventures

Cyclist Rating  9/10


Cycling Weekly Bokeh Ultegra Hydro

"...Mason has really thought about what’s needed for a versatile on/off-road machine."

Overall  9/10


RoadCC Bokeh Force 1X

Highly capable and feature-packed adventure bike

Overall  4/5



Cameron Thomson

"It's everything I hoped for - comfortable, fast and rides beautifully both off-road and on Tarmac."

Hi Dom,

I had a great weekend with the Bokeh and put over a 115 miles on it. It's everything I hoped for - comfortable, fast and rides beautifully both off-road and on Tarmac. So much so that I did my first Metric century on Saturday!

Mat Silver

"I am so unbelievably happy with how it rides it's nuts."

I am so unbelievably happy with how it rides it's nuts.
Dom's going to kill the N+1 market if he's not careful, he'll create a W+1 market where W=wheels.

That's a mid compact 52-36 at the front and an 40-11 at the back, it's got an insane gear range as you'd imagine. With the clutch at the back on the XTR rear mech it will handle cross chaining also, not that you would but nothing breaks at 52/40. It's smooth as.

I now have what I'd hoped to achieve when I bought it the Bokeh which is a summer 'road' bike that'll go anywhere and a winter 1X, just need the 650B wheels and i'm there.

And it looks the sh*t.

Stuart Jackson

"The bike has arrived and its beautiful"

...loving it. So nice to be able to go places that I just wasn’t able to go before. Came to work via the canal footpath this morning, which was ace.

Andrius Ivašauskas

"Thanks for a perfect one! Can't be happier!"

There are bikes and there is MASON! Thanks for a perfect one! Can't be happier! Greetings from Lithuania!
Thanks Mason Cycles team for a perfect bike!

Sander Kommeren

"The bike looks absolutely stunning"

I final got around finishing my Bokeh build the previous weekend :) 

It was quite the learning experience with no previous knowledge in hydraulic setups or tubeless wheels/tyres. But it all worked out. I put in 270 km in the past 1,5 week giving it a good rattle across some cobbles and on the single track and dirt roads close to home. I also had a 134 km road tour in the weekend. I am still trying to fine tune my position.

The bike looks absolutely stunning, I do love that orange paint job! The hunt wheels roll super smoothly, especially with the WTB 34mm Exposure tyres, but I don't think for a second that they are slow! I will do a test soon if I can feel the difference with my carbon Cube and high rims, but to be honest I doubt I will. (I do wonder if I will keep it in the long run.)

I am quite pleased with my own build, the shifting is sharp and swift and the brakes are super powerful. The Bokeh has been great so far and once I dial in the last adjustments i am confident it will be fantastic! 

Thank you again for your time and help along the way. Proud to be a Masonite now :)

Bryan Robertson

"The Bokeh is really impressing me."

The Bokeh is really impressing me. I rode about 100k over 2 days on Saturday and Sunday.  
I rode a mix of road and forest trails covered in snow and ice. 
It's responsive, comfortable and so quiet. 

Bokeh and I are doing great. A funny thing has happened, on every ride we end up exploring tracks, getting lost and having great fun. 
In 2 weeks Bokeh will take part in the Tour of Flanders and we might pop over to take part in the Tour of Wessex.  

Toby Edwards

For riding on mainly country roads with a bit of track/bridal path type activity, I've settled on some Schwalbe s-one tyres, running tubeless, and I am certainly discovering the qualities of the bike and am enjoying riding it - I did 100km yesterday on very varied terrain, road, gravelly / muddy tracks, the south downs way.

The 30mm S-ones were not quite big enough for some of the terrain, but I remained upright all day, just about! (probably due to the fact that the ground was still fairly firm in most places due to the cold) It was certainly fun though. And this is the first time I've had disc brakes, thru-axles and tubeless tyres - all of which are brilliant and making me re-consider what to do with my other bikes!

I'll be having some more adventures and probably will invest in some 650 wheels and bigger tyres for fully off road trips, as I personally think that's where the bike's strengths lie...

...I'm starting to see how it can introduce me to new 2 wheeled fun in a variety of ways, which I guess is one of the main points of the bike!