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Press | RAW Full Review

Mason delivers its first mountain bike frame with the RAW - a steel hardtail with bespoke levels of design and manufacturing detail. The Raw is aimed at long-distance fast off-road riding and offers an engaging, supple ride feel. The RAW is top of its class.

Overall  4.5/5

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Singletrack | RAW review

3 Things I liked - Chipps Chippendale, Singletrack: (1) The poised and precise feeling. The Mason RAW certainly isn't twitchy, but it responds beautifully to subtly inputs. (2) The fit and finish of the final frames is so good. Even wet and dirty, they clean up quickly, ready for another lap. Seems a shame to take them out in the rough and tumble of the trails, but hopefully that's what they'll be used for. (3) Mason really stands behind the riding it promotes: sponsoring riders and events. It really lives the 'fast and far adventures' motto.

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GuyKesTV | Bike Check | RAW

Full RAW bike check from Guy Kesteven's first ride and review on the Lake District media launch day.


GuyKesTV | First Ride | RAW

Guy Kesteven's first ride and review of the brand new RAW steel #FastFar hardtail on the Lake District media launch day.


Bike Perfect | RAW

The fastidious attention to detail and superb ride quality that you only get with an artisan frame means the Mason RAW is a joy to ride, whether you're tackling distance missions or techy trail playtime

Overall  4.5/5

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Off Road CC | RAW

When the frame is made this well, with a geometry that leans a little towards travel and distance rather than technical or bolder riding, it's refreshing to find that on its first ride out the RAW feels like a really good all-purpose mountain bike and one that we are looking forward to putting through its paces more thoroughly in the near future.

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