The Story

This is the start.
There’s a good story to tell about how we got here.

There’s over fifteen years of progressive, award winning bike design, a passion for style, form and detailing, a love of engineering and making, an obsession with producing the best products, without compromise. A fascination with anything on wheels and a lifetime of riding bikes.

I’ll fill up this page with that stuff. Eventually.

At the moment, I would just like to say thanks. Thanks, for arriving at our site, there are a lot of bike brands out there but I believe that Mason Cycles can offer something truly unique, which I hope is what attracted you here in the first place.


if you’ve followed Mason Cycles from the first spark of an idea to where we are now. Your encouragement, enthusiasm and positivity towards the brand and first products have driven us forward from the word go.


to our good friends in the wonderful bike industry, for constant encouragement support and advice, way beyond the call of duty.


to my beautiful family for unflinching support. Thanks to my Dad, who unknowingly started this whole thing off.

OK, Oscar speech over. It’s been hard work, there really has been blood, sweat and tears, but I believe the best things are pretty much always the toughest to achieve.

I hope you enjoy the site, I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and I’m sure you’ll agree the bikes have turned out nicely too. Our first review would seem to back that up and there are now many more fantastic press and rider reviews HERE ;

The Definition sums up to me exactly what I think cycling is all about. It’s not just about price, weight or components, it’s about the whole package. Delivering a ride that thrills though relaxes too and every time you look down and see that deep paintjob in the sun it makes you glad you went out. It makes you feel special like you haven’t got a care in the world.

Production bike with bespoke feel and wonderful, inspiring, addictive ride.
Frame and Fork  10/10
Overall 4.5 stars  9/10 April 2015.