Our steel allroad and touring bicycle

To celebrate the release of this very special frameset, we are making a limited collection of 10 ‘Launch Edition’ frames available for pre-order. See the SLR frameset page for more detail. IMAGES SHOW UNPAINTED FRAME.

The New SLR will be available with various build levels, similar to the options for MASON Bokeh and MASON Resolution. Full SLR build details will appear here soon. Please contact us for details and to specify your build.

The new MASON SLR steel bicycle is the result of our focus on smooth, long-lasting performance, and luxury grand-touring capabilities. A new chapter in Mason Cycles’ obsession with high performance steel, designed in collaboration with one of the most skilled and established bicycle frame builders in Italy - Cicli Barco.

The capacity for 700C x 40mm tyres, including full fenders and multiple attachment points for accessories and carriers gives the SLR wide ranging, all-condition, and long-distance capability - from refined grand-touring to fast cross-country and multi-day adventures.

An engaging and comfortable ride with an emphasis on smooth, fast travel.

New MASON full-carbon fork, the RangeFinder AR [‘AR’ for AllRoad] - which is tuned for all-conditions riding on firmer surfaces with large tyres.

The MASON SLR is fabricated in Italy by our friends at Cicli Barco. Like MASON, they are a family business. And, of course, ...the quality of their work is truly astonishing.