Our Italian-made, steel touring road bicycle with a focus on smooth, long-lasting performance, and ultimate grand-touring capabilities. A new chapter in Mason Cycles’ obsession with high-performance steel, designed in collaboration with one of the most skilled and established bicycle frame builders in Italy - Cicli Barco.

Most of us buy with either our head or our heart, and whichever category you fall into if you take delivery of a MASON SLR, you will be incredibly satisfied. Either way, you'll end up with a piece of engineering excellence that looks absolutely stunning in the flesh, and every time you throw a leg over the top tube you will be truly stunned by the ride quality and the way it behaves.

Simply stunning from every aspect, thanks to exceptional ride quality and attention to detail that sets it above the rest. In my opinion, it's faultless. ROAD BIKE OF THE YEAR AND OVERALL WINNER - BIKE OF THE YEAR 2022/23


The capacity for 700C x 40mm tyres, including full fenders and multiple attachment points for accessories and carriers gives the SLR wide ranging, all-condition, and long-distance capability - from refined grand-touring to fast cross-country and multi-day adventures.

The SLR is available with various build levels, similar to the options for MASON Bokeh and MASON Resolution. Builds and pricing shown below are just examples. Contact us for your dream build!