The Bokeh is a multi-award-winning, Italian-crafted gravel "AdventureSport" bicycle, featuring a custom tubed, premium Dedacciai aluminum frame. Designed for fast "Continent Crushing" rides, many customers opt for two sets of wheels, allowing for quick swaps that perfectly adapt the Bokeh to different terrains or adventures. 

The Bokeh has a sporty ride. It feels fast – there's a positive steering response and evident stiffness from the frame and fork to ensure it's responsive to your inputs, whether through the pedals thrashing up a climb or carving corners.

Direction changes come quickly, too, when you're hurtling through the woods. And it feels quick on the road, the frame doing a good job of transferring power when you're gunning for the top of a climb. You can easily fit some fat slick tyres and, gearing aside, keep up with faster roadies on a club run.

There's sure-footed stability when careening down a rocky descent or pushing along a gravel track. The slack head agile, longer fork trail and stretched wheelbase compared to a road bike, as is common with many gravel bikes, prevents the Bokeh  from feeling too edgy or nervous.


Introducing the latest evolution of the iconic Bokeh, the Bokeh 3.0. Building upon the success of its predecessor, we have made intelligent and informed changes to enhance the riding experience while remaining true to our philosophy of #RideDrivenDesign.

Drawing from our own experience, as well as the invaluable input from thousands of dedicated customers and supported riders, we have made significant improvements to the Bokeh. Our knowledge of gravel riding and bikepacking, gained from endurance racing and long adventures, has fueled our innovation and enabled us to keep the legendary and classic MASON Bokeh at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of equipment, groupset technology, and riding styles.

The Bokeh 3.0 retains its core with custom-formed Dedacciai aluminum tubing and hand-welded frame, while receiving various optimized tweaks for clearance, accessory mounting, and carrier attachment. Notably, it now features the all-new Mason RangeFinder•AS fork. With six fluid and accessory mounting points, including newly added top-tube mounts for convenient on-the-go storage, the frame incorporates fully brazed mounts for strength, including a fender mount on the rear seat tube.

Now with updated tyre clearance for 650b x 55 [2.1”] or 700c x 45 wheel/tyre sizes with ample side-knob and mud clearance. Our main aim is to encourage the development and progression of our riders, with larger tires a rider may feel much more confident with handling technical sections whilst maintaining high speeds on gravel roads.

By focusing on the frame details while maintaining the same overall structure, the Bokeh ensures that its signature attributes of fast, light, agile, and engaging ride quality remain intact, along with its legendary durability, dependability, and long-distance comfort.