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BikePerfect | Exclusive MASON Exposure Review

Masterpiece is a pretty big word to throw into a bike review, but I’m as comfortable and excited about using it here as I have been riding MASON’s Exposure for the last couple of months. If you’re doing the miles, have the money, or just appreciate pedalling a pinnacle of bike design art around, it’s well worth the investment.

Overall  5/5


GuyKesTV | Exclusive First Review | Exposure

Jump onboard with Guy as he rides the spectacular trails of the Yorkshire Dales and talks us through the setup and ride feel of this "multi-purpose steel masterpiece"



Ian Coxon

MASON Exposure GRX 2x - "The bike is exactly what I was looking for."

Hi Dom,

Thanks for the new bike. It was quick and easy to set up on Saturday morning, and after a bit of tinkering I took it for a quick spin to make adjustments and take photos.

I then took it for a 30km ride on Sunday, and have to say I was blown away by the speed of it on the rough gravel I took it along (I bagged PB’s on all the gravel segments!).

The Redshift Sports seatpost was impressive, if a little strange, as I’ve not ridden a bike with any form of rear suspension before. As for the frame size, it’s spot on, and I’ll be upgrading the stem with a Redshift one of the same length shortly.

Thanks again, I’m going to have some fun adventures with it!"