A cursory glance at any major retailer of cycling paraphernalia or a quick trip to your local bike shop should be all you need to see the impact the last 18 months has had on the cycling industry. Stock from all suppliers and business has been increasingly difficult to purchase, both as a consumer and as a business such as MASON CYCLES.

Almost every aspect of the supply chain, from the raw materials in factories on the other side of the world to cardboard boxes being made down the road from us has been affected, such is the precarious nature of globalisation. 

We are lucky enough to be small and agile when it comes to assembling our bikes. With variety being the spice of life, MASON CYCLES has always offered a well-rounded selection of componentry, tailored from what we use and what we see our customers use.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer alternatives if your first choices aren't available, and we continue to do this where possible to ensure nobody is waiting longer than they have to for their new bike day.

Unfortunately, stock is scarcer than ever, and coupled with unpredictable (although, not unexpected) delays to componentry, we may not be able to offer you a swap or an upgrade straight away. We will endeavour to work with you to establish the best alternative with what we have on hand, although in some cases it may add some weeks or months to your delivery date. For example, we may have to only supply one wheelset with your new bike, even if you have had a spare set on the order. You can be assured that we will be able to fulfil such orders when stock is better, but for the time being we have to spread our limited stock to make sure as many people can enjoy their new MASON CYCLES as possible.

We thank our existing customers again for their continued patience.