Reflecting on CyclingWorld 2024 Düsseldorf and a massive thanks to all who came out. If you didn't get the chance, hopefully, you'll be able to get an idea for what the event was like from reading this blog!

We're a week on from Cycling World Düsseldorf 2024, and it's time to reflect on what an incredible show it was. We think it’s safe to say that we were completely blown away by the response to the MASON stand at booth number 61 in the Old Blacksmiths' hall. Thank you to everyone who came along to the stand and stopped for a chat!

The last time we drove down to Düsseldorf to showcase the MASON Range, times were very different. In and amongst post-COVID confusion, rules on social distancing, and trying to talk to our German community through masks made the whole experience somewhat difficult. Paired with a smaller team, less time to prepare, and pack down afterward, we left somewhat perplexed as to what we’d just done.

Being our 10th year, this year had to be special, and in the spirit of progression, we set aside time weeks and months before the show to really make sure that we got the most out of our efforts. Getting 10 bikes, an exhibition stand, press, product, and website up to date with our small team was still a challenge. It was all made worth it by the reception and feedback that we received of the course of three days at the show. 

Shows and bikes are great, but we all know that it all revolves around PEOPLE. The lovely thing about CyclingWorld this year was catching up with friends and supporters of MASON and the many customers who took the time to visit us and share happy stories of many years of adventure on their MASON machines!

For us, this was the most important part of the show. Yes, we were excited to shout about our ‘10 x 10 moment’ - 10 bicycles & 10 years, but without our customers, riders, and the makers that support us and are passionate about what we do, we would be nothing.

Just a few of the special people that make Mason what it is. From left to right.

  • Robert was one of the very first to buy a Mason Bokeh. Since then he has clocked up over 90,000km of VERY hard riding. He rode to the show, won the CX and rode home. Hell Yeah. #ThisIsBokeh
  • Ola Strandberg! Who has 2 MASON bicycles, a Bokeh and an SLR. We met and became friends when he visited the barn to test ride. He is one of the nicest and most inspiring people that I know. We are developing a rad @strandbergguitars travel guitar together!
  • This is Diego. He has laid down the beautiful welds on our aluminium frames, in his small Italian workshop, from day one. Diego and his wife Romina continue to be passionate about our brand and support our journey.
  • Maurizio (in pic), Stefano, Gianluca, Flavio and all those from Dedacciai The faith and support that Stefano gave us, even when we were tiny and new, will be something I will be ever grateful for.
  • Maarten! Mason ISO owner and inspirational rider!
  • Torsten and his CyclingWorld team. The friendliest and most helpful show hosts you will ever meet. Sign up!
  • Donald Campbell of Pavel Skates 40 years in, down for life skater, guitar player and a great guy of many stories!
  • The Mason CyclingWorld team.

With 5 show debuts, from the all-new Mason MACRO (launching later this year), the world's first showing of the new Deda AR fork on the updated Aspect Integrale (launching later this year), the updated BokehTi with concept paintwork, the Strandberg Meloria Titanium travel guitar collaboration and finally the newest version of the classic Resolution - we had plenty to talk about, and it really was our biggest year yet in terms of what we had to show.

What you saw on the stand, the 10 MASON bikes now making up the range, is the culmination of hundreds of hours of preparation, concentration, and attention to detail. We are super proud of how the booth came together and hope that you enjoyed looking at the bikes and everything that came together for CyclingWorld.

Thanks to the guys at for coming along and bringing their brand new and unreleased Framebag, thanks to Hunt wheels for supplying some exciting new unreleased prototypes for the show and a kind thanks to Deda for their support with the all new Aspect Integrale concept (coming soon!)