We are excited to say that we are packed and ready to head to Düsseldorf for the CyclingWorld show! 2024 is Year 10 for MASON, so we have pulled out all the stops and will be showing TEN BIKES, some of them totally new and many are updated versions of MASON favourites.

Join us at the show for some world firsts! Front and centre will be the very first Mason MACRO Adventure Hardtail production sample. Unveiled at CyclingWorld, after MASON rider Josh Ibbett rode the prototype to 8th place in the tough Atlas Mountain Race 2024.

Also a World First, we will be showing our latest MASON Concept, the MASON Aspect 'Integrale'. We have worked with our friends at Deda Elementi to develop the new 'Deda AR' fork to work with this concept bike and it can be seen on the MASON stand for the first time ever.

For the first time at any cycling show, you can see the incredible titanium 'Meloria' travel guitar! A true .strandberg* X MASON collaboration and meeting of creative minds. Legendary guitar designer, Ola Strandberg will be visiting the show, so if you are lucky, you might get to meet him on the MASON stand!

Here are the event details:

  • Date: March 15th - 17th, 2024
  • Location: Areal Böhler - Hansaallee 321, 40549 Düsseldorf
  • Hall: Alte Schmiedehalle/  Old Blacksmith Hall
  • Stand: D1

Opening hours

  • Friday: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.




We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Strandberg Guitars on this unique project that has led to the creation of the Strandberg Boden Meloria Travel Guitar. The journey began when Andreas Danielsson, an avid guitar player, ex-pro cyclist, and captain of the Swedish national mountain bike team, joined forces with Ola Strandberg, the visionary behind Strandberg guitars. Their shared passion for exploration and music sparked the idea to create the ultimate travel guitar, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge cycling technology and materials with guitar technology.

We were later invited to join the journey, bringing our expertise in progressive bike design and craftsmanship to the table. Working closely with Danielsson, Strandberg, and our esteemed makers in Italy, we embarked on the challenge of crafting a guitar frame that embodies the spirit of adventure, one that we would be proud to showcase alongside our bicycles.

Each of our bikes is crafted in small batches in Italy and Scotland, and the same dedication that was applied to crafting the titanium frame for the Mason Bokeh Ti and Aspect, was applied to the Boden Meloria. The core of the guitar, crafted from composite materials, was meticulously shaped in-house in Uppsala, resulting in a truly remarkable instrument that pushes the boundaries of design and performance.

We look forward to unveiling the Boden Meloria at CyclingWorld 2024!


The titanium Aspect, originally designed as the titanium counterpart to the Columbus steel Resolution, has transformed over the years into a unique All-Road bike. Loved for its sporty character, the Aspect offers a smooth and fast ride over varied road surfaces and seasons.

For the Aspect2, we’ve retained its character while enhancing its capabilities, introducing T47, internal routing through the BB, and dedicated dynamo routing through the top tube. The ‘DForm’ down tube is enlarged to Ø48mm, matching the T47 BB shell and taper head tube for optimal performance.

Additionally, the Aspect2 Integrale, featuring a carbon fork co-designed with Deda Elementi, brings a sleek, integrated hose routing option. Available in two versions, the Aspect2 “All-Road” & “Integrale” Aspect2 caters to both touring and fast road preferences.

The show unveils the Aspect2 Integrale as a concept, showcasing for the first time ever the Deda Elementi ‘AR’ Carbon fork, with clearance for 36mm tires, full mudguard, and integrated routing for brake hose and dynamo wire.

We are very excited to introduce this concept at the show, we are highly interested in your thoughts and feedback and hope to add it to our range in late 2024.


Introducing the Mason MACRO, an advanced lightweight bikepacking and adventure hardtail, it is a culmination of years of design and experience in off-road riding. As the tenth model in our lineup, it pays homage to founder Dom Masons roots in mountain biking, while embracing the evolving landscape of ultra distance racing and bikepacking.

Inspired by the award winning and race proven steel RAW, designed for gruelling off-road endurance races like the Highland Trail 550, we have focused on creating the MACRO. Named after photography terminology and the Greek term ‘Makros,’ signifying large in scale, scope or capability, the MACRO embodies its intended purpose.

While the Bokeh excels in fast bikepacking and gravel riding, and the RAW conquers rugged terrains, the MACRO fills a niche for lightweight, 29” wheel, flatbar bikes optimised for speed and comfort over unpredictable terrain. Unlike adapted XC race bikes, the MACRO is purpose-built, featuring a full custom aluminium tube set from Dedacciai and an innovative HotShoe2 carbon fork, along with bespoke load-carrying solutions.

Designed from the trail up for long-distance adventures like the Atlas Mountain Race and Silk Road Race, the MACRO boasts modern features tailored for efficiency and enjoyment. It can be configured as a rapid, ground-covering fully-rigid adventurer with our new HotShoe2 fork with mounts, fender and or Condenser Rack or a dependable bike packer for long distance trips.

We have learned from our 10 years of metal frame design, watched as our supported riders compete at the highest level in the worlds toughest endurance races, listened to our customers needs and responded as the world of bikepacking evolves, and the MACRO is the result.

We are very excited to introduce the MACRO at the show, we are highly interested in your thoughts and feedback and hope to add it to our range in summer 2024.

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The titanium Bokeh, another masterpiece from our makers in Tuscany. The BokehTi now benefits from the development and features of our award winning and highly popular Bokeh3.

Updated for 2024 with more clearance for a true 2.1” tyre, our new MASON RangeFinder fork, T47 bottom bracket, internal routing for brake hose and gear cable through BB shell and exiting via the chain stays, dedicated dynamo-wire routing through the top tube.

Rear mudguard attachment is updated with our clever removable lower mudguard mount. BokehTi2 features are available to order now. The show bike is a concept to show main features and new paint treatment.

Finalised frameset will be available with our newly developed, MASON 3D printed udh dropouts. Expected late 2024.


One of the original bicycles in the MASON lineup when we started in 2014, the Columbus steel Resolution has really stood the test of time. The geometry and ride feel were ahead of their time at launch and we see no need to change them now. We have evolved and adapted it over time, but this big shakeup for 2024 really makes the venerable Resolution feel worthy of being renamed ‘Resolution3’.

Learning from the MASON SLR and Exposure, we have now updated the Resolution with all these modern features - T47 bottom bracket, internal routing for brake hose and gear cable through BB shell and exiting via the chain stays, dedicated dynamo-wire routing through the top tube.

Retaining the clearance for large tyres and losing the redundant chain stay bridge, due to T47 and our clever removable lower mudguard mount. The refined and evolved MASON Aperture2 carbon fork remains. Supremely comfortable, with clearance for large volume tyres and full ‘guards, internal routing for brake hose and dynamo wire, and all the advantages of MASON F-Stop replaceable axle inserts, proper mudguard mounts and crown mount for dynamo light.

Updated with new paint colours and modernised graphics for 2024.


Our Italian made, Dedacciai aluminium, all-road bicycle that tackles the most variable and unpredictable surfaces with confidence and poise. We have constantly updated, developed, and refined both the Resolution and Definition since their launch, but geometry and purpose stay unchanged.

The Definition and Resolution started a new category and still remain in a class of their own. This time around, the Definition has received some changes and new features to optimise and refine for the long-distance and All-Season riding that it already excels at.

With our ‘Ride Driven Design’ mantra as a firm guideline, we have learned a great deal from our riders and customers since it’s launch in 2015 and there have been many running changes, updates and new versions as our journey has progressed. 


Our Italian made, steel touring road bicycle with a focus on smooth, long-lasting performance, and ultimate grand-touring capabilities. A new chapter in Mason Cycles’ obsession with high-performance steel, designed in collaboration with one of the most skilled and established bicycle frame builders in Italy. Designed with capacity for  700c x 40mm wheels/tyres, including full fenders.

Steel has legendary qualities for performance bike frames, its elastic properties lend life and feel to the ride and its excellent fatigue properties mean that with proper corrosion protection, the frame will last a very long time.

We became really interested in developing a performance steel frame when Columbus introduced their beautiful ’Spirit’ and ‘Life’ tube sets. Combining these tubes with modern componentry and progressive geometry was the formula for something very special.


Our Italian made, Custom Dedacciai Aluminium, AdventureSport Bicycles. We believe that the term ‘Gravel’ does not do full justice to the capabilities of this multi-terrain, adventure machine. Designed with capacity for 650b x 55mm or 700c x 45mm, the Bokeh is your versatile friend for fast adventure and fun-filled bikepacking trips. The Bokeh 3 retains its core with custom-formed Dedacciai aluminum tubing and hand-welded frame, while receiving various optimized tweaks for clearance, accessory mounting, and carrier attachment.

Notably, it now features the all-new Mason RangeFinder•AS fork. With six fluid and accessory mounting points, including newly added top-tube mounts for convenient on-the-go storage, the frame incorporates fully brazed mounts for strength, including a fender mount on the rear seat tube.

Our main aim is to encourage the development and progression of our riders, with larger tires a rider may feel much more confident with handling technical sections whilst maintaining high speeds on gravel roads.


Our Italian made, Dedacciai steel, Ultimate Adventurer. The ISO is an ultra-endurance race winning machine, designed to be pretty much unstoppable over a very wide range of terrain.

Designed with capacity for high-volume 650b x 2.8” or 29” x 2.6” wheels and tyres, huge versatility and innovative load carrying solutions with a supremely comfortable riding position.

This steel adventure frameset is still firmly in the #FastFar, #ContinentCrushing vein but a progressive new frame and fork design allow it to use 29 x 2.4” or 650b x 2.8 wheels, meaning steeper, rougher and deeper terrain are well within its capabilities.

Multiple mounting points, a bespoke load-bearing mudguard, specific rack systems, 160/180 flat-mount braking and 100mm suspension-ready geometry mean that the InSearchOf, once again, does not shy away from the ‘Progressive’ word in our title.


Our UK made, Dedacciai and Reynolds steel TrailTravel bike, with Adventure Race winning credentials and full Bikepacking features. As dictated by our Mason DNA and drawing on 10 years of #FastFar bicycle design and frame development in conjunction with our world class riders.

The RAW is both a logical next step for us and a venture into new territories. It follows on from our AdventureSport bikes, the Bokeh and the InSearchOf, but also is our first dedicated flat bar mountain bike, ready for both trail and travel. The custom shaped Dedacciai Zero/Zero Uno tubeset with Reynolds seat tube and head tube offer industry-leading toughness and weight, combined with excellent pedalling feel, ride quality and efficiency.

The geometry is modern and progressive enough to provide stability at speed and forgiving, manageable handling on the limit whilst remaining lively and involving at all speeds. When loaded for bike packing and multi-day adventures the RAW’s stability really shines and traction is absolute.