Joining the MASON rider family in 2022, we chatted to Lisa to see what she's been up to in 2022 and what she's got planned for 2023...

"For me, cycling has always been a great amount about meeting awesome people and sharing my passion for this beautiful sport. Being driven by the urge to find ones very own way, creating new paths rather than just following trends has always been a core value in everything I do. Sharing these very same values with Mason means a lot to me and I couldn't have asked for a better team to be on."

What were your race, ride and bikepacking adventure highs and lows of 2022?
The inaugural edition of Mittelgebirgeclassique was definitely my race highlight this year – a beautiful route, kind people and a bit of suffering on steep climbs – what could be a better mix. A huge low for me in 2022 was getting sick with Covid, so I had to cancel Transiberica, but I went touring for nearly 2 months in France, which was a good alternative.

What was the most unexpected event to happen to you/came across along the way?
Good question – there were so many unexpected events. The first one was the opportunity to become part of the Mason family – definitely one of the most beautiful things that happened this year. But also little things while touring, so many encounters with strangers that left me speechless with gratitude and humility, small gestures, like ice cold bottles of water in the middle of nowhere, being offered food and shelter countless times without even having to ask – that's always a bit of magic when going for a bikepacking tour and certainly nothing that can be expected, but it's beautiful when it happens.

What was the most valuable thing that you learned?
Being injured and sick this year taught me the value of health and fitness.
I'm often very critical about my performance on the bike, so this year I realised how important it is to appreciate your own body and its abilities. Riding long distances always seemed natural to me until I got sick and it took me a while to get back to it. Being healthy and able to experience adventure and pursue what you love isn't something to be taken for granted. It doesn't really matter if you're the fastest or the fittest cyclist, just enjoy the ride.

The most inspirational thing to have happened?
Bike-wise and related to what others did, it was hugely inspiring to see Angus Young doing his ITT on the European Divide Trail, as well as some other riders doing FKTs this year. I have always been fascinated with riding solo and unsupported, so those efforts were a big inspiration to watch. I often enjoy the community factor of ultra events, but the nature of an FKT is quite fascinating as well. Apart from that – meeting other cyclists, on the road or online, sharing stories, and our love for bikes.

Do you have a big goal for 2023?
My biggest dream since I started ultra-distance cycling was to ride the TCR. So why wait?
Also, I hope to get some more experience in riding off-road, so I'm already looking for interesting events on that matter too. Some possible options include Gran Guanche Audax Gravel, a new race in Armenia (Ascend Armenia), or the GBDuro (which would probably interfere with TCR dates, unfortunately).

Were there any rides/races that you planned to do but couldn’t?

I had to cancel my participation in Transiberica, due to Covid.

Which MASON bikes do you have? Which one were you using on your favourite ride of 2022?
I have the Bokeh and have enjoyed it since August on all of my rides. I absolutely love it! I couldn't have dreamed of a better bike for touring this summer, there's (nearly) no limit to the style of surface to tackle with this companion, so it's perfect to explore new paths while still rolling smooth on the tarmac.

Do you have any MASON bikes on the wishlist?
Since I tend to end up on MTB terrain whenever I go for a gravel ride, the MASON Raw looks like the perfect pick. Apart from that I love the look and feel of classic steel road bikes, (despite loving off-road I probably am a roadie at heart), so the MASON Resolution would be a dream come true.

Thanks, Lisa, looks like you are going to have a busy year in 2023, we can't wait to follow your bike packing adventures. 

Photo credit: Lisa Pfeiffer