Introducing the latest evolution of the iconic Bokeh, the Bokeh 3.0. Building upon the success of its predecessor, we have made intelligent and informed changes to enhance the riding experience while remaining true to our philosophy of #RideDrivenDesign.

The Bokeh is a multi-award-winning, Italian-crafted "AdventureSport" machine, featuring a custom tubed, premium Dedacciai aluminum frame. Designed for fast "Continent Crushing" rides, many customers opt for two sets of wheels, allowing for quick swaps that perfectly adapt the Bokeh to different terrains or adventures.

We were there from the beginning, alongside the Bokeh 1.0, when "gravel riding" emerged as an exhilarating and horizon-expanding form of cycling. We have diligently preserved the spirit and magic of the original, while remaining firmly committed to our mantra of 'Ride Driven Design.'

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Drawing from our own experience, as well as the invaluable input from thousands of dedicated customers and supported riders, we have made significant improvements to the Bokeh. Our knowledge of gravel riding and bikepacking, gained from endurance racing and long adventures, has fueled our innovation and enabled us to keep the legendary and classic MASON Bokeh at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of equipment, groupset technology, and riding styles.

The Bokeh V3 retains its core with custom-formed Dedacciai aluminum tubing and hand welded frame, while receiving various optimized tweaks for clearance, accessory mounting, and carrier attachment. Notably, it now features the all-new Mason RangeFinder•AS fork. With six fluid and accessory mounting points, including newly added top-tube mounts for convenient on-the-go storage, the frame incorporates fully brazed mounts for strength, including a fender mount on the rear seat tube.

By focusing on the frame details while maintaining the same overall structure, the Bokeh ensures that its signature attributes of fast, light, agile, and engaging ride quality remain intact, along with its legendary durability, dependability, and long-distance comfort.

New colours

The original and much loved FlareOrange remains and we have introduced the popular SensorBlue from our MASON RAW hardtail, along with a totally new for Bokeh3 Sepia.

The design philosophy behind the Bokeh originated from the desire to create fast gravel bikes that could cover diverse terrain effectively. In contrast to the USA, where gravel tracks are prevalent, the UK has muddy bridle paths, necessitating a focus on clearance. The introduction of one-by drivetrains and disc brakes allowed for increased clearances, enabling the use of larger tires without mud interference. 

This marked a pivotal moment for bike design of the Bokeh 3, now with updated accommodation for 650b x 55 [2.1”] or 700c x 45 wheel/tyre sizes with ample side-knob and mud clearance. Our main aim is to encourage the development and progression of our riders, with larger tires a rider may feel much more confident with handling technical sections whilst maintaining high speeds on gravel roads. 

The differing perspectives on gravel between the USA and the UK became apparent during the Unbound Gravel race in Kansas, where UK spectators were bemused by the complaints about mud that seemed ordinary to them.

Further enhancements have been made to the Bokeh V3, including lower-mounted bottle mounts for increased frame bag space, repositioned bosses under the downtube for improved clearance, and compression-fitted, 3M-bonded mounting eyelets for enhanced carrying capacity, durability, and protection against dirt and moisture.

A discreet top-tube dynamo routing replaces the rear derailleur cable position on older Bokeh models, allowing for a direct line between front and rear lights. The RangeFinder fork supports dynamo lights with internal routing from any dynamo hub to the crown mounting.

Moving toward the rear of the bike, the new Mason dropouts feature smooth welding and blending into the frame tubes, reducing stress and improving durability, stiffness, power transfer, and heel clearance. These forged and CNC-machined dropouts also include a precise derailleur hanger and deeper, fully threaded rack-mount eyelets for added security and damage resistance.

In the Bokeh 3.0, the rear mech cable and brake hose are now internally routed within the frame, eliminating the need for P-clips and facilitating the attachment of bags and accessory cages without interference. This internal routing enhances the bike's cleanliness. The cables and hoses pass through Mason's proprietary Ø56mm 'ThruBB' shell, designed to accommodate a threaded bottom bracket and provide ample space for cables to pass without affecting the rotating bottom bracket components. There is even room to route a dropper post cable, if desired.

At MASON, our commitment to Ride Driven Design means we don't make design changes simply to follow trends or improve aesthetics. We don't believe in annual model updates driven by marketing reasons. Every change we make must enhance the real-world riding experience and practicality when traversing trails and venturing into the wilderness. We refuse to introduce changes that could compromise your overall riding experience, leave you stranded far from home, or make maintenance and trailside repairs more frustrating. Our goal is for you to forget about your bike, immerse yourself fully in the surrounding experience, and arrive safely at your next destination, energized for the next day's adventures.

We take great pride in staying closely connected with our riding community and the world-class riders whom we are delighted and proud to support. Many of our updates and changes originate from observing and listening to riders, combined with our own riding and bicycle design expertise, as well as the vast experience of our tube manufacturers and frame-building partners in Italy. This unique blend of influence and experience is what makes our MASON bicycles truly special and incredibly difficult to replicate. The ownership, riding experience, and ever-expanding MASON family all contribute to the wonderful world you enter when you choose to purchase a MASON bike.

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