Introducing the Mason MACRO, an advanced lightweight bikepacking and adventure hardtail, it is a culmination of years of design and experience in off-road riding. As the tenth model in our lineup, it pays homage to founder Dom Masons roots in mountain biking, while embracing the evolving landscape of ultra distance racing and bikepacking.

Inspired by the award winning and race proven steel RAW, designed for gruelling off-road endurance races like the Highland Trail 550, we have focused on creating the MACRO. Named after photography terminology and the Greek term ‘Makros,’ signifying large in scale, scope or capability, the MACRO embodies its intended purpose.

While the Bokeh excels in fast bikepacking and gravel riding, and the RAW conquers rugged terrains, the MACRO fills a niche for lightweight, 29” wheel, flatbar bikes optimised for speed and comfort over unpredictable terrain. Unlike adapted XC race bikes, the MACRO is purpose-built, featuring a full custom aluminium tube set from Dedacciai and an innovative HotShoe2 carbon fork, along with bespoke load-carrying solutions.

Designed from the trail up for long-distance adventures like the Atlas Mountain Race and Silk Road Race, the MACRO boasts modern features tailored for efficiency and enjoyment. It can be configured as a rapid, ground-covering fully-rigid adventurer with our new HotShoe2 fork with mounts, fender and or Condenser Rack or a dependable bike packer for long distance trips.

We have learned from our 10 years of metal frame design, watched as our supported riders compete at the highest level in the worlds toughest endurance races, listened to our customers needs and responded as the world of bikepacking evolves, and the MACRO is the result.

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