Here Josh Ibbett shares his recent bikepacking adventure on his MASON InSearchOf (ISO) where he travelled 1200 miles from Norway, through Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, into Holland, and finally back to Cambridge, UK. 

Bike check:

I’m riding my MASON ISO frame. I've actually had this for a while - a steel frame that is  built for this kind of thing. I actually used this on the Tour Divide in 2019 and it's also the bike I used when I won GB Duro in 2020, so lots of fond memories for me.

Check out the full bike set-up and kit list video here.

Part 1: First stop, Norway to Sweden…

With a travel stove and tent in tow, unlike his race day schedules, on this bikepacking adventure Josh had the luxury of stopping to eat whenever, take in the impeccable views and camp up wherever. He said, “It’s quite nice actually just touring, I’ve been in race mode most of the summer.”

As he rode through Norway on a hot summer's day, climbing in the heat and taking a moment for the spectacular views, Josh shared “I might swim in the lake, I don’t even like swimming so it must be hot." 

The night before riding to the south of Oslo, he camped out in a secluded spot by the lake for the night, and after 10 hours on the pedals, he ​​boarded the ferry. He said: “I’m rolling into Day 4, and today should be a bit of a monumental day, with the first border crossing into Sweden.” 

With the border crossed, and another ferry ride, he headed towards a town before rolling into day 5, where the conditions were less favourable with a strong headwind whilst he headed for the next stop, Denmark. 

Watch Josh’s Riding home from Norway part 1 video, Norway to Sweden:

Part 2: Denmark to Germany…

After the Ferry crossing, Josh followed parts of the European Divide Trail, riding paved paths, gravel, woodland trails, and sandy beaches. That night, with shoes full of sand from the day's adventure, he found somewhere to camp out for the night. 

As he rode through the Netherlands, he shared “I must say I just love the cycling infrastructure here in the Netherlands, I mean I've cycled through two pretty cities last night and this morning and could be in the countryside you just have such amazing greenways and cycle space.”

He then rode the 90 miles to Cambridge, arriving home at 4 am, to find he had forgotten his house keys so couldn’t get into the house! Not what you need after such a long day! It seemed quite the trip, nice one Josh.

Watch the full video part 2 here. Enjoy!


Videos and photos credit: Josh Ibbett.