We were extremely proud to be featured in Road.cc's "Best endurance road bikes 2024 — comfy mile munchers for long rides, sportives, audaxes and more"

Endurance bikes are close to our heart, and nothing would sum them up better than Road.cc's words in their recent article:

"Endurance bikes are in essence the softer, more comfortable versions of race-orientated road bikes. It's also a bike type that has seen a real boom in recent years, and for a good reason. Endurance road bikes generally come with a more relaxed geometry, which means you don't have to be a seasoned yogi to be able to hold your riding position even on multi-hour rides. With that relaxed geo also comes calmer handling, frames tuned to smooth the ride and capacity for wider tyres and mudguards

Not only do endurance road bikes often suit non-pro riders much better than race-oriented, speedy road bikes, but they are also well suited for the northern hemisphere riding conditions. The larger volume road bike tyres (upwards from 25mm) smooth out rough roads and with mudguard compatibility, you can ride all year round and stay dry"

The Mason Definition Chorus 

  • "Excellent attention to detail"
  • "Ride quality is second to none"
  • "Fun to ride regardless of speed"

"You might have heard that aluminium bikes are harsh to ride, but the Mason Definition Chorus proves that wrong. This bike is a versatile road bike that impressed us with flawless build quality, attention to detail, and a luxurious finish. 

The Definition is a bit of a master of all trades, as it handles different terrains and speeds at ease. The geometry strikes a balance for endurance rides, offering stability and comfort without sacrificing responsiveness. The handcrafted frame, made in Italy with triple-butted 7000 series aluminium tubing, showcases Mason's attention to detail, and the unique BoatTail stays contribute to comfort and compliance. 

Overall, the Mason Definition Chorus is really an outstanding bike, showcasing the best of aluminium alloy construction and delivering a sublime riding experience with it"

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The Mason SLR SRAM Force

  • "Stunning ride quality"
  • "Excellent attention to detail"
  • "Incredibly high-quality finish"
  • "Highly versatile bike for all kinds of riding"

"Mason SLR SRAM Force is an impressive steel all-road and touring bike that combines modern bike design with classic, steel frame craftsmanship. The SLR's custom steel tube set combined with a full carbon fork delivers exceptional ride quality which blends comfort and responsiveness. Even with a loaded setup, this bike maintains its directness and stability, making it perfect for long rides and various terrains.

The geometry of the SLR has a balance between endurance and agility, and this bike handles both road and off-road surfaces with confidence, with tyre clearance for 45mm tyres without mudguards or 40mm with guards on. And talking of mounts, there are ones not only for the guards but also racks and accessories dotted around the SLR frame which makes loading up the bike for an adventure easy. 

The Mason SLR offers excellent value for a hand-welded steel frame with high attention to detail and off-the-shelf geometry. It is a versatile, high-quality bike that combines modern performance with classic aesthetics at a reasonable price which is likely to please both your head and your heart"

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