Dom Mason's Custom Build Exposure

At Mason, every new bike leaving our workshop sparks a sense of admiration, but sometimes a particular bike captures our attention so profoundly that we can't help but dream of having one for ourselves. After all, what's the point of designing and producing bicycles to an incredibly high standard, if you can't actually ride one yourself? The perfect opportunity presented itself at the prestigious DT Swiss Craft Bike Days gathering in Germany. Dom, the designer and founder of Mason Progressive Cycles, seized the moment to create the Exposure bike of his dreams.

Mason Exposure

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The Dream Build

Dom’s mountain bike and skate background – combined with his affinity for fast trails and singletrack – led him to envision a bike that would effortlessly conquer any terrain. The foundation of this dream build lies in Dom’s choice of 650B wheels, allowing for a comfortable ride over some of the roughest terrain. Carefully crafted with precision and performance in mind, a custom set of DT Swiss GRC1400 650B carbon wheels, laced onto a SON dynamo hub, forms the backbone of this extraordinary bicycle. The 52cm Exposure frameset at the centre of this build boasts a distinctive touch with a specially made, polished stainless Mason icon adorning the seat tube. The frame is elegantly finished in our eye-catching 'FilterYellow' colour, accentuated with copper decal detailing, creating a truly special finished bike that stands out.

Components for All-Terrain Domination

To ensure the Exposure lives up to its name, Dom meticulously selected components that prioritise speed, agility, and all-terrain capabilities. The Vittoria UK 2.25" Mezcal tires provide ample traction.

The Sinewave Cycles Beacon front light, powered by a Sonnaben dynamo bub, adds a touch of innovation and further practicality to the build. Mounted to the Allygn Components Diamond Rack. This setup not only enhances visibility for those dark winter commutes home from the Barn but also provides consistent power for charging on the go, especially on longer bikepacking adventures.

The Ritchey Logic VentureMax bars and stem, Hopetech headset, and SRAM Force AXS mullet drivetrain all contribute to the bike's overall performance, ensuring a seamless and comfortable riding experience. The MASON Penta Seatpost and Fizik Vento Argo Saddle complete the ensemble, providing comfortable contact points on the bike during long rides.

A Proud Moment at DT Swiss Craft Bike Days

The DT Swiss Craft Bike Days gathering in Germany served as the perfect backdrop for unveiling the Exposure. Surrounded by talented builders and iconic brands, the event provided an exciting platform to showcase Dom’s now almost famous FilterYellow Exposure. The unique build, with its custom seat tube badge, SRAM Force eTap levers and exotic wheelset, made this Exposure something that really stood out from the crowd.

From the meticulously chosen components to the Dedacciai tubing that makes up this unique frame, this custom Exposure is a testament to our boundary-pushing #RideDrivenDesign philosophy and the #MadeForMiles quality and craftsmanship embodied by our partners at Cicli Barco. As this Exposure heads out of the Mason Barn and onto the trails, it promises to be a bike for life, and one that will surely turn heads.

I've been watching the new Exposure bikes go out of our workshop and each time one leaves the Mason Barn, I think 'I really want one of those for myself'. The DT Swiss show came up and I saw my chance!

The frame has a specially made, polished stainless MASON icon on the seat tube and it's finished in our lovely 'FilterYellow' with copper detailing. All components are chosen for maximum, all-terrain speed and ground-covering fun. I really love the way it turned out and can't wait to ride it!

- Dom Mason

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