This is a big moment for MASON. When we started Mason Progressive Cycles in 2014, the 'Progressive' part of the brand title was very deliberately there. Although the frames were to be made in very traditional, small Italian workshops the designs were to be firmly forward-thinking and progressive.

With the first Mason Resolution and Definition models, we were excited and spurred on by advances and new thinking in braking, transmissions, wheels and tyres. The first Mason bikes embraced the revolution in disc-brakes, large volume tyres, disc-brake specific and tubeless ready wheels and adaptable internal routing for hydraulics and electronic shifting.

We really are not interested in 'retro', or clinging to the past for nostalgia, equally we won't be led by fashion and we take our #RideDrivenDesign tagline very seriously.

For this reason, we quickly went to Thru-Axle/Flat-Mount with our Aperture2 fork, because of its obvious advantages in wheel retention, lateral stability, braking and control. We were very happy with the ride quality and refinement at the rear end of our Resolution and Definition models and didn't want to upset things by welding in a poorly designed, under-developed, 'off the shelf' dropout system.

We took our time, worked with our Italian frame maker and developed our own Flat-Mount/Thru-Axle system worthy to grace a Mason Cycles frame. The Definition2 was launched and earned 'Best On Test' first trip out, followed by a stunning review.

Then came the incredible, mould breaking Bokeh. Thru-Axle/Flat-Mount both ends, ideal for All Terrain, large tyres, extra load and ultra-endurance.

Our Columbus steel Resolution was harder to resolve. It was pretty much perfect as it was. The slim stays, tapering down to the refined shrouded dropouts gave us the perfect balance of response, ride quality, comfort and power transfer. Welding a heavy, unforgiving, lump of steel in there, just to mount a flat-mount caliper, was not going to happen.

So our lovely Resolution had to take a back seat for a while. 

We have spent nearly two years trying different solutions but there has always been compromise involved, so the ideas have been shelved. Finally, working with top UK machinist BEAR Frame Supplies we have arrived at what we believe is the perfect solution.

Introducing the long-awaited Resolution2, with modern Thru-Axle/Flat-Mount refinement. This is way more than just a 'bike frame', we are passionate about it, it is very special to us and we are extremely proud to show you the final results of our work.

The Perfect Resolution to a testing design process.  

Our class-leading, award-winning, Resolution Columbus steel frameset now has exclusively developed Flat-Mount/Thru-Axle dropouts.

We have worked with BEAR to produce a very special set of dropouts that are exclusive to Mason and that have not only managed to keep the legendary refinement and ride-quality but have added to it and introduced neat new features too!

We like to keep as much of our production as possible within Europe and really admire the work of BEAR, so we were very keen to develop a MASON x BEAR dropout, based on their existing pattern and refined specifically for our beloved Resolution frameset.

The assymetric design keeps as much of the CS taper as possible whilst maximising heel clearance. The brake side extends forward as little as possible for the same reasons.


The vertical extensions and Flat-Mount support are as pared away as possible, keeping things lightweight and responsive and the brake mount itself is brazed directly to the dropout without bolts or screws. This creates an accurate and extremely flex-free brake-reaction platform, taking full advantage of the latest Flat-Mount braking technology.

The beautifully machined Aluminium hanger locks accurately into the inside of the dropout using a single stainless screw and the Thru-Axle is secured using a replaceable, stainless end-cap.

Pure functional bike jewellery.

While working on the new system, we have also taken the rack-mounts off the rear of the dropouts [as in V1] and integrated them neatly into the CNC machined design of the dropout. Minimal, discrete, functional and extremely tough.

We've also re-positioned the brake hose mounts to align exactly with new Flat-Mount standards and added a neat, reinforced Di2 wire exit on the drive-side chainstay.

Ride testing has proved the Resolution2 to be as engaging and spirited as the original whilst retaining every ounce of refinement and gaining even more lateral rigidity and power-transfer from the Thru-Axle system.

So, what you see here is the culmination of almost 2 years work with the maker in Italy and BEAR in the UK. The result is a thoroughly modern, Multi-Surface, Continent Crushing, Ultra-Endurance, Se4son, adventure machine. Capable of keeping you fresh and engaged whilst crossing a country or delivering you swiftly home at the front of the club run.

The very first Resolution2 framesets are on their way from Italy now, finished with our super high quality LensBlue, ShutterBlack and also newly available ElementGrey.

Extra features and detailing for the Resolution2 include;

- Exclusive, UK designed MASON X BEAR Thru-Axle/Flat-Mount dropouts.
- New SwitchLever, adaptable rear Thru-Axle with removable tensioning lever.
- Re-designed, Flat-Mount Specific hose routing.
- Refined, repositioned and beautifully reinforced Di2 wire exits.
- Fully relieved internals for battery and cable routing.
- Minimal, integrated rack mounts and mudguard mounts.
- Reinforced downtube eyelets, provide secure, large-volume bottle mounting for multi-surface high mileage.
- New ElementGrey paint finish.
- Extra sizes: We can now supply 48cm and 62cm Resolution2 framesets and bikes. Please enquire for geometry details and special order lead times.

All this, backed up by award-winning heritage and exemplary Mason Cycles customer service, with no increase in price over the original Resolution.