We pour everything we’ve got into the development of a new bicycle or component.

It’s important to us to go the extra mile, spend time considering every detail  and stand by our guiding motto of ‘Ride Driven Design’.

When we  finally get to the point of viewing a new bike as ‘complete’, we’re happy and we launch it. That’s normally the cue for a mix of emotions to flood in: exhaustion, relief, elation, deep satisfaction, and (of course) nervous anticipation.

While we self-assess (extensively!), feedback from those we respect means a lot to us - from customers and supported riders to respected journalists who've spent their whole careers riding and critiquing bikes.

We’ve been absolutely blown away by the positive reception for the RAW.

Here is some early feedback that really sums up the new bike perfectly, from both first ride reviews and supported riders.

“If you’re looking for a steel all-rounder with superlative ride quality for both distance missions or techy trail playtime and appreciate delicious detailing, a fastidious designer's back story and immaculate Scottish build and paintwork then Mason’s RAW comes in right at the top.”

Guy Kesteven, Bike Perfect

“What is really reassuring is that MASON stuck to their #FastFar ethos and yet have made a mountain bike for riding on proper trails - not just tracks and un-made surfaces. The RAW has a distinctive ride feel - partly the frame material and partly Mason’s DNA and it showed just how well a trail hardtail can perform whilst retaining plenty of adventure versatility. It (the RAW) displays the best characteristics of steel frames - lively, nimble, with just that right amount of flex.”

Jim Clarkson, off-road.cc

“Three things I liked (about the RAW):

(1) The poised and precise feeling. The Mason RAW certainly isn’t twitchy, but it responds beautifully to subtle inputs.

(2) The fit and finish of the final frames is so good. Even wet and dirty, they clean up quickly, ready for another lap. Seems a shame to take them out in the rough and tumble of the trails, but hopefully that’s what they’ll be used for.

(3) Mason really stands behind the riding it promotes: sponsoring riders and events. It really lives the #FastFar motto.”

 Chipps Chippendale, Singletrack

“It’s (the RAW) is a really nice blend of agility, lightweight, liveliness, and a spritely power kick - but without being too twangy or too wayward when you do start getting to more techy challenging terrain.”

Guy Kesteven, GuyKesTV

Watch Guy's ride review here.

“The RAW is a bike that I ( and many others) have been looking forward to for a very long time. From my perspective I wanted to ride a bike which was capable on technical mtb trails ( such as the Highland Trail 550) whilst still being efficient to pedal over long durations. Having spent plenty of time riding the ISO, which shares many of the same tubes as the RAW, I was confident that it would have fantastic ride qualities and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The thing, however, that struck me the most was how capable the bike was smashing down rocky single-track fully loaded. I feel like the RAW performs just as well with bike packing bags fitted, than without. It feels so stable and secure, and really carves round the corners. I’m sure this is due to the long wheelbase giving that feeling of security and the bike has got me out of trouble on more than one occasion when my reflexes and strength are waning on an epic ride.”

Josh Ibbett

“The RAW's geometry looks far more fun than your typical bike-packing hardtail, which should help keep the handling relatively confident on steep and technical terrain. Of course, there are slacker hardtails these days, but MASON didn't want too much wheel flop when the bike is loaded up. The spec is highly customisable too, so it seems there are a lot of ways you could use this bike.”

Seb Stott, Pinkbike