Mark Fourie, a long-time friend of MASON recently took on the ‘Singapore Audax’. 155km of riding through flood-hit areas over 9 hours, this wasn’t a ride for the fainthearted.

“…The ride was an awesome challenge and the BokehTi hammered everything in its Path…”

For the first 50km, the route was a little wet but very rideable, after about 50k it started raining and never really stopped – sometimes light, sometimes heavy torrential monsoon rain.

From 60km onwards there was a lot of standing water and a section of road at about 130km that had fast-moving flood water crossing the route making progress very dangerous – we’d ridden the same section in the morning and it was rideable so conditions had deteriorated dramatically giving us 9 hours in the saddle through flood-hit areas.

The MASON BokehTi was even mistaken for a mountain bike with suspension as I motored down the single tracks and rocky sections in the rain, it was superb!