The Racing Collective - a new series of community organised rides taking place on all-terrains across the UK. The Racing Collective is run on a not-for-profit basis by a team of volunteers.

There is no-one in charge of the races, they are entirely self-organised meaning the members of the collective who race on the day are simultaneously competitors and administrators. If no one collates the results, there will be no results, etc.

These rides contribute to maintaining and developing the wild areas of the UK that we love and cherish, and definitely need to value more. See here for more information. 

XDO Oxford 2017

CrossduroOxford is a 130km self-supported no frills road-gravel ride held on the second Saturday of Oxford Bike Week each year. #XDO17 will run on Saturday 17 June 2017: Start: 8am photo in front of the Radcliffe Camera End: mid/late afternoon at the Isis Farmhouse, with 'results' announced at 6pm


The ride will be run in Crossduro format - 5 timed segments comprised of gravel and road. Lots of time for socialising in the non-timed bits. ​Rider with the lowest aggregate time over the segments 'wins'*.​​ *There are no entry fees, no prizes, and there is no support. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, only turn up to ride if you are comfortable with this (see Rules for more details).

To enter:

  1. Join The Racing Collective on Strava
  2. Click "I'm in" on the event.
  3. Sign up on Matesrace.