The Definition 3.0 | Our worst kept secret

Many of you have spotted the latest version of our Definition, which has recently been featured in various articles, and with Josh Ibbett testing the first sample on his Japanese Odyssey ride.

We are excited to announce the launch of the newest Definition model in early January. Already unique, the definitive sporty, all season, AllRoad Definition, has evolved further. This updated version will include subtle enhancements, new colourways and will be a part of our 10-year campaign alongside several other models that will also be receiving updates. Watch out for more information, and additional details on Definition3.

The 1500 Miles Test | Japanese Odyssey 

The first Definition 3.0 was built up in advance for MASON Rider Josh Ibbett and his 1500 Mile Japanese Odyssey adventure. The idea was to use the event as a testing ground for the bike, which worked flawlessly over 8 days of constant use in the mountains of Japan.

The Japanese Odyssey is a non-competitive audax event based in Japan. It involves a series of set checkpoints and parcour sectors, and riders must create their own route to link them all. This year's route starts in Kagoshima in the far south and finishes in Hachinohe, which is approximately 600 km north of Tokyo. All the checkpoints are located in the mountainous northern region, and riders will effectively have to ride almost the entire length of the country.

"I’ve been riding a Definition since 2015 and its DNA remains unchanged. It's essentially the same bike as I was riding back in 2015 but has gradually evolved over the years. However, it still rides the same way and is comfortable over the long haul. I did try SRAM AXS for the first time and once I reprogrammed my mind to the slightly different shift buttons it proved to be flawless. The only change I would have made would be to add a set of aero bars… it was an oversight on my part not to fit them, but as it wasn’t a race it didn’t matter if I was slightly slower on the flat"

- Josh Ibbett