Our award-winning Columbus steel Resolution2 model is now available in our sought after ‘Vela’ colourway for all builds levels and frameset.
This new colour is our latest 'ltd. release' colourway which will be available in very limited quantities per batch. Vela now replaces our existing ltd. release colourway 'ElementGrey' in the Resolution range.

Ekar is a robust, lightweight and versatile 1X groupset with a superb choice of gear ratios. In our opinion it's ideal for a multi-surface distance covering machine such as the Resolution. We're super impressed with its performance in our own testing and the model seen in these photos is already out for review.

The reliable and expertly crafted Ekar groupset partnered with our award winning, hand made Resolution frameset ensures this highly capable bicycle effortlessly handles the all-road rider's needs. Campagnolo's debut 13spd. groupset delivers the brand's iconic durability, proprietary ergonomics and rich heritage in a modern drivetrain package.

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Right back at the start of January 2020, we said that the Mason Resolution was a “comfortable distance-crushing steel road bike with an ace specification.” It is here because, quite simply, it is a brilliant bike for long rides.

Superbike Of The Year 2021 Finalist | Road.cc.

In conjunction with this new European-made groupset release we are also switching to the 'Made in Italy' Fizik Tempo Argo saddles for the Resolution, Definition and Aspect.

This saddle has excellent compliance in its rails and body, a cut out, plenty of wide support for many sit bone widths, unisex design, and it's made in Italy. This is one of the few saddles that everyone at the barn can get on with, it's not too finicky regarding exact tilt position and it suits both male and female riders who have ridden with it.

You’ll find the Resolution to be predictable in the corners...it remains composed in all situations and it's predictable even through a high-speed corner.

...it's all about helping you to waft along country roads in comfort and notch up big miles in relative ease. It's calm, sedate and measured.

Superbike Of The Year 2021 Finalist | Road.cc

Should you then want to smash it up a climb, the frame and fork gives a platform that is plenty stiff-enough for the job.

Superbike Of The Year 2021 Finalist | Road.cc