This January will certainly be hard to top, with MASON Cycles having just received another stunning review, this time for the MASON Exposure

Expert reviewer Guy Kesteven, and Bike Perfects' technical editor-at-large, took the Exposure to do an exclusive first review and he seemed to rather enjoy himself, giving an unbeatable rating of 5/5 with his verdict that called the Exposure a “Masterpiece."

A delighted Dom Mason shared this about the review...

Guy Kesteven is one of the cycle journalists that we respect the most, his reviews are always thorough, honest, well written and don't pull any punches. A good review from Kes is to be highly valued, a FIVE STAR review is a cherished rarity! So, when our new MASON Exposure received just such a review, after being on long-term review with Bike Perfect, we were absolutely blown away!

Keep reading below, as we summarise Guy’s review of the MASON Exposure. You can also read the full review here

Have Mason created the ultimate off-the-peg bike for those who want every possible bikepacking feature on a sublime, balanced, beautifully hand-built, smooth yet light and lively steel frame?

The all-new MASON Exposure Ekar is one of the best gravel/adventure bikes we’ve ridden in terms of comfort/liveliness balance. It’s absolutely dripping in delicious details, including bikepacking mount overkill and a huge range of sizes. That’s all reflected in the high price for ‘off-the-peg’ steel, but compared to carbon or Ti bikes of far less illustrious pedigree, it’s a bargain.

Steel bikes have always had a reputation for a distinctly smooth, sprung ride that’s become a cliche that reviewers are still compelled to repeat today. The truth is that steel ride feel is actually hard to get right and many ferrous frames are tiringly heavy with a disappointingly dull or totally dead character. That makes the ride vibe of the Exposure even more remarkable.


Masterpiece is a pretty big word to throw into a bike review, but I’m as comfortable and excited about using it here as I have been riding Mason’s Exposure for the last couple of months. It bridges the gap between conventional gravel and oversized adventure (which Mason already has covered) with a sublimely smooth yet light and lively steel ride that proves why the oldest (metal) frame material can still match any modern material when done right.

It doesn’t get any more ‘right’ than the beautifully Italian handbuilt and impeccable finished Mason/Cicli Barco frameset either which combines charismatic charm and responsive performance with all the practical fixtures you could want. That understandably comes at a significant cost, but you could buy a more expensive carbon or Ti bike that rode nowhere near as well and if you’re doing the miles, have the money, or just appreciate pedalling a pinnacle of bike design art around, it’s well worth the investment.


Whilst an amazing review is very much welcome, we also like hearing your thoughts about our bicycles. Here is how friend of MASON Graham Adcock is getting on - My MASON Exposure - “Makes you free good evening when tired."