The waiting time spent between sending out a bike for a review and seeing the results is agonising. We’ve stood up against bikes of all materials and pedigree, but never before have we been tested on the classic cobbles and against race-proven weaponry in an in-depth, quantifiable measure.  

We lent a box-fresh Bokeh Force 1X to the Bikeradar team to take on the cobbles.
They tested the Bokeh against a Scott Foil in quantitative form (with power) and against an overall ‘ride feel’ analysis. We’re all about the latter - Ride Driven Design.

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All images property of Reuben Bakker-Dyos/Immediate Media 2017.


"...I also really liked the geometry. The head tube is a normal length, not a skyscraper, and the semi-slack head angle (71.5 degrees) adds to the bike’s stability at speed over rough stuff."

Ben Delaney | Bikeradar 2017


There’s a feature-video at the base of this page.

"When smoothly curved aero bars disperse land across the palms..Great application for rough-road riding.."

Ben Delaney | Bikeradar 2017





"The Roubaix's Future Shock certainly does take a bit of the edge off, but the Bokeh with 650B Horizons at 38psi softened the ride even more."

Ben Delaney | Bikeradar 2017




So far, we know that the Bikeradar team all digged our 'FastFar' ethos and stuck it to the cobbles.

"Descending on cobbles, however, the difference in tires was laughable — we’d carefully creep down on the Scott, but absolutely fly on the Mason. Similarly, motorpacing behind Reuben’s car on cobbles (for filming, people!) felt safe on the Mason. On the Foil, it seemed like perhaps not the best idea…"
"But the Mason Bokeh… this big baby was born to sail the gnar. With its plump, 47mm-wide tires set at just under 40psi, I was happy as a clam. Make no mistake, the cobbles still rattled me, and I sought the refuge of the dirt gutters and grass like everyone else, but the difference between the Foil and the Mason — and even the Roubaix and the Mason – was like stormy night and sunny day."

Ben Delaney | Bikeradar 2017.