Jason is a global endurance athlete, Irish Red Cross ambassador and Mason Cycles supported rider. His life revolves around the extremely unpredictable world of ultra-endurance races, challenges and adventures, he is well used to dealing with danger, disappointment and sometimes failure.

Jason is always extremely well prepared and because of this would not call himself a 'risk taker', but his adventures have sometimes put him close to death and in coming back from this he is one of the most positive people I have ever known, always using his lowest points to draw strength from and to help drive him on to his next achievement.

Jason has had his eye on one of the worlds toughest races, the RAAM and for the last 2 years he has been training, with the goal being to win this incredible 3000 mile race in 2020. To support him, we built the Mason 'RAAMachine' that you see here.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down most of the world's big races, the RAAM included. I asked Jason if he would write a few words to try and explain how he is managing his disappointment and working to keep his goals in sight and remaining positive. His reply is below:

"COVID-19 'The Worlds Biggest Dream Stealer'

In one foul swoop it's gone. So as my head spins, the reality is that the world finds itself in the grip of a pandemic and my selfish goal to Race 5000km across America has diminished into insignificance. I've gone from training six days a week, five hours a day to being in complete lockdown.

Once I'd got past crying into my hands, I set about motivating myself to staying focused and maintaining all the great gains achieved over the last few years in preparation for RAAM.  I reminded myself that there are brighter days ahead and I will get back racing, hopefully before the years out, so its critically important to keep training.

So, I've decided to switch my training back into 'winter mode' again as difficult as it is.  I broke my week down into two phases, with a view to getting stronger and to see if I can find another new level. I've brought back heavy weight strength training, Core training and introduced some more cross training alternatives. 

My majority of cardio is still on the indoor trainer with my New RAAM Mason Definition, and it feels awesome. 

As a global endurance athlete I often face difficult and extreme situations and decisions. Drawing now more than ever on my previous experiences on how I can move forward, creating a positive vision and vibe, overcoming the new global obstacles and restrictions, being organic in resetting my goals, finding solutions, problem solving, empowering success and also facing the reality that staying fit mentally will help us emerge strongest from these uncertain times.  If we can winter this period, we can summer anywhere." 

Jason Black,  Mason team rider.