Here's an update from Daria and Thomas, they've just retruned from a successful adventure in Oman, following some of the trails taken by Bikingman Oman earlier this year.

They visit us at the Barn back in Spring and bought 2 Bokeh Force 1X bikes specifically for this adventure, upgraded with HUNT Dynamo wheelsets, WTB ByWay tyres and Ritchey Venturemax handlebars. We're super happy to see their Oman mission: accomplished, and pretty inspired by this adventure too!

"Needless to say, cycling is the best way to discover new places."

As soon as we received our Masons last Autumn we knew, that we have to test them on a bigger trip, so we decided for Oman.

We were amazed by the country, by the hospitality of people, breathtaking landscapes, but most of all - by our bikes!
From the first day on we knew it was a perfect choice, as the route took us into some long kilometres of a sand road! The bikes managed it very well!

From sand to tarmac, from tarmac to gravel, from gravel to sand at night, just to be back on tarmac again... none of these were any problem for Masons and we were stunned by how smooth the transitions were!
Also the choice of tires, suggested by the Mason team, was just right for our needs. Holding well on unstable surfaces, fast on asphalt.

In short, Mason bikes proved to be very comfortable for a long ride, reliable for any condition, bulletproof and ultra cool! We love our bikes!!!

It was an unforgettable adventure for us. We also think that having such a great bike motivates to go out, to do something outstanding, therefore we’re already planning with excitement our next cycling journey!!!

A small tip: in the winter months, Oman is a true paradise for cyclist:)

Daria & Thomas