Welcome to our 'Films' holding page. Here, you will find films that we've produced and some of our favourite films produced by our friends and idols.

Anything that we post here is worthy of a dedicated page and be assured that a dedicated page is coming very soon. For now, you can enjoy the fine footage below.

My Mason Bokeh - Rides Of Japan

Here's an awesome short video from our man in Japan - Rides of Japan. You'll probably know him from Instagram as we regularly repost his inspring images, now you can get the low down on his sweet Bokeh 1X/Di2 ride.

Talk about massive production value in this self-shot sequence. We're looking forward to seeing lots more of this.


StormShield: Wet play! - Morvélo Bicycle Apparel

Cruising in to 2018 with Morvelo, we caught the sweet winter swell with the garment-gurus.

Here's what they have to say about their latest StormShield innovation:

As you should know by now, we're all about the fun. When we developed StormShield, our wind and rain resistant clothing, it was because we wanted to play outside for longer, not because we were desperate to get back indoors again. So next time you hear the rain lashing against the window, see it as an opportunity not an excuse.

Cal can confirm that during this COLD shoot, the new suit kept him toasty.

Our bicycles are famous for being fearless of the rain and stand-up to even the worst weather.....but salt-water? Hmm. Well, we can confirm that after a strip-down and clean up the Alu. Definition remains corrosion-free and off for another review already!

Tales From The Road - Apidura feat. MASONite Josh Ibbett

A down-to-earth and humble monologue from distance-doyen Josh. What does it really take to embark on a worldy adventure? An open-mind and a rough plan. Awesome kit helps, too.

Our friends at Apidura - the pioneers of ultra-light bikepacking luggage - are now supporting Josh Ibbett for all of his adventures. They'll be supplying the frame packs, saddle bags, and handle-bar packs that Josh will fit to his Bokeh for exciting trips he has planned for 2018 and beyond.

We're looking forward to hooking up with Apidura for more adventures, rides, features and events this year, so stay tuned to all of our media channels for some FastFar epics.


We fully ride test all our products during development and it was when we were out testing the Aperture2 fork prototypes that we started thinking "…what if you could just string all your favourite descents together and ride down hill all day?!" Our bikes are built to be spirited and engaging performers and they are solid climbers as well as fast, confident descenders…but it was bombing hills with this new fork that got us fired up!

So, we climbed to the top of our favourite hill at dawn and then visited every descent that we love in East and West Sussex UK and Cal got to bomb each one on our Columbus steel Resolution, ending up in our home town of Brighton.

This short film is the result.

roaDH from MASON CYCLES on Vimeo.

Our Mason bicycles and framesets are bristling with details. Now our Resolution and Definition bikes all feature the new and exclusive to Mason Cycles 'Aperture2' thru-axle fork, it has more of those special touches that 'make the difference between normal and special'.

"It’s clear that Dom Mason is a man of passion, it’s an overused word almost to the point of meaningless nowadays, especially in the context of hand-made bicycle frames, and things made in Italy, but he deeply deeply cares about things and his product.
It doesn’t take much to push the buttons on Dom to get him talking, and it’s clear that he sweats the details to the point of extreme stress and worry to himself.
Most of these features and decisions he makes are the ones that most won’t see or even bother about, but they’re the ones that make all the difference between normal and special, the little detail that you might spot once you’ve owned a Mason for a month or two and it gives you a little smile."

Jo Burt | road.cc


Duel on Hellfire Pass - Morvélo Bicycle Apparel

A test of Resolution for two riders as they duel to claim the mountain.
More on the bikes they ride here.

Duel from Morvélo Bicycle Apparel on Vimeo.

Josh and The Next Chapter - HUNT Bike Wheels.

It's a new chapter for Josh and HUNT and he needed a special wheelset for his round the world biking adventures, which are sponsored by Rapha, so we created the HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Wheelset.
Every rider chose a Bokeh for this video. More on this bike here.

JOSH and HUNT The Next Chapter | HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Wheelset from HUNT | TheRiderFirm on Vimeo.

Doorstep Epic | Tour de France - Morvélo Bicycle Apparel

George didn't set out to ride 284km. Well not in the first instance. A leisurely read of the 'Greatest Cycling Climbs' books gave him a yearning to ride new hills. He left his front door at 5am not to return until 12 hours and over 4000 climbing metres later. A ride that is further than the longest stage of this years Tour de France and more climbing than the most mountainous. All in a part of England which doesn't go above 294 metres.

Just think where your Doorstep Epic could take you.

Motivation found here > morvelo.com/doorstep-epic/

Doorstep Epic - Tour de France from Morvélo Bicycle Apparel on Vimeo.

The Story - MASON

This is the start.

There's a good story to tell about how we got here.