FURTHER 2020 was fortunately still able to go ahead this year, 21st - 24th August, despite the ongoing health crisis.

Whilst only 11 riders, who we called ‘The Few’, were able to compete, ( yes, we lost 40+ riders and 3 photographers in the week preceding the race due to quarantine restrictions! ) something very special happened. ‘The Few’ gave us a very exciting race over 4 days and attracted an unprecedented amount of interest and engagement from around the world. To call it a success is certainly an understatement. The head of the field, the big guns James Hayden, Laurens Ten Dam and Christian Meier did not disappoint.

FURTHER, 2020.

We catch up with FURTHER Race Director Camille after the exciting Race of 2020, discussing the exciting finish of MTB vs Gravel Bike which brings up some questions of what bike is best. We also talk about Camille's new role of Race Director vs. his old of film photographer and how this affected his movements during the race. Finally, we review his favourite film images he made during the 2020 Race.

What a race! A win on a VTT and a photo finish. Did you think it would be so close? Was it racer experience or bike that won this?

Experience I think... Christian fluffed his routing on the last sector. They were both rolling on 29er wheels with similar tyres.  

I was not sure, because I changed my route hugely a month before the start because of quarantine.  The route pre-quarantine I don't think a MTB would have been the correct machine.


FURTHER is a 'race that crosses borders', but this year no borders were crossed. What would Further identify as in 2020?

We went up to the borders of Aude, Andorra and Spain. It was very frustrating, but, borders of the mind were crossed, so it was good. 


What does 'Race Director' mean during the race?

Good question.  It is like the director of a stage play maybe.


The CP looked amazing - what was it like up there? Which riders stayed? We were anticipating that they might be faced with indecision about staying / going. Did that happen? Or were the racers eager to continue? How did it compare to Fourcat in 2019?

Amazing up there. A real interzone, I'm thinking it would be a good place for the Start / Finish next year... but no phone signal!

I was only up at the CP for the first few riders which was a real pity, but Ben and some friends stayed over night to welcome in the back markers. I think only Bas stayed for the night because of a heat stroke.

Last year on fourcat there was a film crew which made the experience for me quite horrible, so this year was much better for me.


Did the race unfold as you expected?  Were the sectors as hard as you thought they would be? 

Pretty much, I was looking at it as a stage race with the curfews having a huge impact.


Did the curfews have the impact you wanted?

Yes, very much so.


Anything that didn't work in the way you wanted? 

The loss of 30 riders and 3 photographers in the week before the race was a kick in the head.


You were also shooting on film for this year's race and recce. Why? What film kit were you using?

Pentax 67 with Kodak TriX and Portra.  The slowest most ridiculous camera for shooting action.


So you had three hats on - race director, digital photographer, film photographer. Did you actively switch mindsets or was it all the same? Was you race direction influenced by the dig / film hat?

I had to say to myself that photography is secondary to being the Director.


No Rally - this was special last year. How was the community feeling this year?

Really good feeling this year, more how I see Further. It was way more real this year.

Let's talk about your favourite film image from the Race.

The frame you have picked out obviously stands out from the rest. My interpretation of it is that it's an image made just for yourself. What is it? Why? Looks like it was made at the last light of the day? And you're looking back up, what are you looking back at? What made you turn around at that point?
I was watching the sun clip the tops of the mountains, wishing I was up high, back at the C.P for the last of the light.
Did you make the image on dig too?
I think so.
Any others that you're into?
Yes, a few ... It changes.
Challenges using that camera?
Cost is the big one. it is about 2€ each time I press the button.  It is not a reportage camera that's for sure, the cost and the 67 is really slow and annoying. The things it's good at force one to work in a specific way.   
Yes, they are at the lab.  I was going to process them myself... but I have a lot going on at the moment, and processing films is time consuming and boring as hell.  
I think I will start shooting more B+W white again, processing in a darkroom. I can choose chemistry. 
I always go back to B+W, it's magical.