BIG NEWS: Aspect batch#1 is nearing completion.

Dom has returned from Italy a happy man. He bears the news that all clearances, custom frame details and frame alignment is perfect. Maker, you may proceed.

The next stage of production is the final frame finishing in our signature, highy durable 'Structural Finish' which de-stresses the frame after welding to enhance its life-bike credentials. All MASON Titanium framesets come with a lifetime warranty.

Here are a few pictures taken by Dom only yesterday. The Italian-made bosses (up to 13 on each frame) are made in Italy and welded into the tubes rather than rivetted, and our Ti MultiPorts are specifically cast for MASON. All of these details go into making MASON Titanium the best in the world, and it's all included in the price tag.

Batch #2 is due into us at the end of April and we're taking pre-orders for the following one.

Click here for the full Aspect details or contact us to pre-order.