Important information for our EU customers.

We are very happy to announce that our EU customers will not be paying any more for a Mason bicycle than they did before Brexit.

As we have our frames made in Italy, we use various Italian/EU made parts are used on our bicycles and because we assemble all bikes and carry out final prep in the UK, they fall within 'Rules on Origin' regulations and we're able to export with these preferential rates (0%).

Please note that the following applies only to our framesets and complete bicycles. Spare parts and accessories that we supply, for example seatposts and axles, do not originate in the EU and as such will be charged 4% duty approximately. EU Bundles: You will not be charged duty on the frameset, but will liable for ~4% duty on the wheelset portion of this bundle when you import it.


How does customs/import work when buying from the European Union?

The ordering process is straightforward but with a couple of small differences.

1. Our website prices include UK VAT. This means that when you complete your checkout you will pay 20% LESS than our stated prices.

For example, a £3175 bike will cost :

  • £2645.83 + shipping + handling charges.
  • Approx. 20% VAT* when you receive your order


*When your order is received by customs in your country you will be contacted by them around the time of your delivery to pay the VAT upon delivery, which is around 20%. You will not pay any import duties or tariffs.

So, the total price you pay for your Mason will be very similar to the prices we state on our website, albeit with a difference of exchange rate.


Are you putting up your prices because of Brexit?

We're not putting our prices up as other brands seem to be doing and we hope to hold our position which is price competitive in the EU market.
Will UK deliveries be affected?
We do not anticipate a direct impact to UK customer delivery. Once the frames are in stock in the UK, delivery is as usual. Our shipping partners are still operating our usual Intl. road and air services.
Will there be a delay to EU deliveries?
Now that each shipment has to be customs-processed it is reasonable to expect a small delay to our EU deliveries, we would expect them to take 2-3 days longer than the previous 2-3 day services.
Another change that we are trying to make for our EU customers is to improve our customer service experience, specifically information regarding delivery, in these uncertain times.
Will there be a delay to US deliveries?
As per the UK, we don't foresee Brexit causing a problem for our US deliveries.
A final note...
Mason would not be here today without our friends and community in the EU. From our frame builders in Italy, our good friends and supplier, to the customers who have supported us since our very early days. Brexit has done nothing to diminish the bonds that mean so much to us.