It is, without a doubt, the most capable drop bar bike I have ever ridden.

As the last of the Launch Edition Exposure frames leave for their new owners, the first production batch arrives at the Mason Barn, and so the season of handovers begins. A friend of MASON Kevyn Mann shared this with us… 

I really enjoyed my ride home yesterday. I was having so much fun, I carried on all the way home despite the weather, with a few detours along the way.

The bike is everything I had hoped for and more. On tarmac and gravel, it is smooth and comfortable and settles easily into a lovely cruise. The geometry is delightful - just the right balance of maneuverability and stability.

Where this bike really stands out is the rowdier off-road sections. It flows over bumpier bridleways and climbs steep technical stuff with aplomb. On steep descents, such as a rocky and slippery Truleigh Hill, it is, without doubt, the most capable drop bar bike I have ever ridden.

The wild, stormy weather on my first ride felt rather appropriate for a gravel bike with a seriously wild streak. I absolutely love the colour and the great selection of mounting points.

Thanks, for sharing this Kevyn, sounds like you and the Exposure are going to make quite the team, keep us updated on your adventures. If you have a story to share, we’d love to hear it