We're honoured to feature in Martin's fine illustrative ride journals, here are a few of the highlights that he has kindly shared with us.

Martin Procter is a designer, an illustrator, a cartoonist and a lifelong road cyclist. His early cycling days were spent in Leeds riding with the Yorkshire Road Club. Since moving from Leeds he joined and regularly rides with Harrogate’s Cappuccino CC.

He began his illustrated CCC club ride journals in 2010, to keep a detailed record of routes, riders, mileage, memorable happenings and which one of his eight bikes he was riding that day, including recently his Mason Resolution and Definition 2. To date there are 6 complete year books that together contain over 600 separate entries and illustrations.

The journals were featured in Issue 47 of Rouleur magazine and as a result Martin became a regular contributor to Rouleur with his ‘North Riding’ column, Grand Tour features and art prints. He also put in a guest appearance at the first two Rouleur Classic events in London, drawing live.

Whether it's for the memories or the data, next time we recall our rides why not consider turning to graphite instead of the Garmin?