Images courtesy Camille McMillan (1,5,16,17,18,19-22,23-28), Cal Nicklin (2,3,4,13,14,15) and Rpm90/Breakaway Digital (6-12)

Going into 2020, we are teaming up with our Sussex friends Rpm90 Cycling Adventures to offer Mason riders unforgettable multi-day riding experiences. Rpm90's founder Nick Miles will be accompanied by his Mason InSearchOf and Bokeh to cover all grounds for next year's rides.

The master team of bikepacking experts at Rpm90 have a collective experience of almost 200 years of riding; their skills have been gained all over the world from the local hills of sussex, to the roads of the Transcontinental race and the high passes of the Silk Road Mountain Race. They have an understanding of provenance and hospitality honed in a background of alpine and fine-dining cheffing. And they operate with an admirable code of sustainable and respectful adventure. This vital combination of skills make Rpm90 the dream partner to collaborate with for our future adventures.

This bike can make you dreamy with Adventure planning. Strip the bike bare of bags, racks and bottle cages and you have got yourself a bike you can play on down those local trails and for that quick off road loop after work. Dom has created a bike that has been something that I have probably wanted to ride for the last 30 years and he has nailed it.

While these experiences are a new offering from us, the complete experiences we've developed together are the result of many years building trust and friendships with multi-generational locals, chefs, and master craftsmen.
We're going to be adventuring in inspiring locations, and exploring our own backyard and histories too.
Inspiring Adventures
Firstly, we will offer unique travel experiences to the Mason community, beginning with our Tuscany Adventure trip. Here's some early info ahead of the official news:
This weekend is about as Italian as you can get, with avenues of cypress trees, hilltop villages, battered Fiat Pandas and glimpses of historic Siena in the distance.
Based out of a beautifully converted farmhouse that’s only accessible via a dirt road we’ll spend an exciting and challenging 3.5 days' riding in the Tuscan countryside. The climbs can be steep and the long sections of gravel roads will mean that after an 80km day you will have worked up a serious appetite for dinner. We’ll experience delicious homecooked rustic Italian cuisine each evening cooked up by our host Allessandro and his team. They pride themselves on serving up the freshest local produce and every dinner will feature vegetables from their garden and their own delicious Olive Oil as well as sampling wine from the vineyards we’ve spent the day riding through. 
Dom Mason and Brand Manager Cal will be joining you on this trip, riding MASONs with you in Italy.

Exploration Missions

Future trips will offer the chance to ride in some stunning locations and also take a creative roll in our trip making missions. Mason owners will get priority access to Rpm90 adventures and the unique opportunity to join brand new ‘explorations’ - a small group of selected riders, testing unknown routes and being part of the path finding process.

We understand the environmental impact of international travel and riding bikes made up of an equally international mix of components. Rpm90 use their knowledge and experience to work closely with local people who use local products and who minimise unnecessary use of services that cause a negative impact on the very land that we want to enjoy and share with future generations. Our own philosophy mirrors this and is to work hard to create bikes that are built to last and are built for life. Wherever possible we will try to offset our foreign adventures by direct action to carbon offset in our local community projects as explained below.

Sussex Adventures
In addition to the bikepacking adventures, we will be working together to make a positive contribution to our friendly welcoming local adventure community. This is a key focus for us in 2020.
Our Sussex based adventures are inspired by our love and fascination of the microcosm of Sussex. The riding we have in our back garden inspired us, shaped us to be the riders we are and is world class. One of our projects to date was developing a ride (featured in Offroad Cyclist magazine #2) showcasing the superb off-road adventure to be had in this busy part of the UK, within an hour from London. You can have a world-class adventure less than an hour from work, over the weekend.
Together, we will bring you Sussex based adventures and regular community events to develop relationships between local riders and the land, landowners, producers and campsites. We want to bring together current and future generations of local riders to communicate, educate and share ideas. It's through these close relationships with landowners and local action groups that we hope to engage everyone, including ourselves, to contribute to the numerous sustainability projects in our region.
As local land users, we must be stewards of the land and everyone of us has a part to play in building on our already inclusive and exciting riding community.
RPM90 are bikepacking and adventure cycling experts. Led by Nick Miles and his highly experienced team: Jo Burt, Liam Yates, James MayBury and Claire Frecknall. Nick (and most of his team) have deep roots in Sussex. They call this land their home and they know it instinctively.
After many years delivering boutique riding experiences on Europe’s premier road destinations, Nick is going back to his roots with bikepacking adventures, 
exploring roads and trails both at home in Sussex and in lesser-known destinations abroad. Either way sticking strictly to the RPM90 code of adventure.