Have you done this sort of thing before?

[Miles has raced: TCR; TransEngland; CrossDuro Wales; DownsDivde...a lot]

Tell us a bit about your riding.

Mainly into ski mountaineering, TCRNo5 was first ultra distance cycling race


What bike are you riding, and what have been the hardest decisions regarding setup?

Bokeh. [As used for 99% of Miles's riding.]

Tyre choice will be key.

What's in your sleeping kit?

Bivvy bag, survival bag, silk liner


How far do you plan to ride each day?

That's what I'm here to find out - I'm very out of shape so need to go softly softly.


How much sleep will you get?

Need lots.


What attracted you to GBDuro?

The way it balances individualism and community, and the desire to ride rugged mountain terrain whilst also travelling fast and far.


Things you're worried about.

Most bits.

Bits you're most excited about?