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Last year, there was just one MASON entrant to the third edition of the TCR - Josh Ibbett. Josh rode his MASON Definition to victory, an epic ride that we really do remember everyday. 

One year later, today, 4 MASON riders begin the 2016 edition of the TCR. Their homelands spread across the continent, but they are united toady in Geraardsbergen by their Transcontinental spirit and continent-crushing bikes. 

Enter Josh, Jan-Willem, Chris, and Sertaç!

Josh Ibbett rides to defend his title, this time aboard Prototype #1 'Bokeh Ti'.

Jan-willem, Chris Dennis, and Sertaç Unal ride a Resolution and 2 Definitions for the Transcontinental spirit and glory.

Each individual rider in the TCR will be carrying an personal tracker, you can track them live HERE & HERE

This entry will be updated with major events and the latest news, for now this is your entry in the world of TCR 'Dot Watching' excitement.

Go! Go! Go!


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UPDATE 14/8:

They've made it! Three MASONs in Çanakkele. There's an epic story behind each of these rides, we'll tell all in the next day.

Congratulations Jan, Chris, and Sertaç! Thank you.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 3702km | 10 days, 3 hours. 38 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 3499.6km | 8 days, 21 hours. 04 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 3375.2km | 8 days, 8 hours. 54 minutes.

UPDATE 13/8:

We have finishers! Chris Dennis [146] and Sertaç Unal [145] are safely into Çanakkele, having completed the 2016 Transcontinental Race! An incredible effort for their first attempts at this mammoth ride.

The no-road shortcuts and off-road sections that Jan had taken to try and save time have left him a little behind, the rocky sections tearing his tyres to shreds. However, with the finish in sight he'll be joing the party before nightfall.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 3301.4km | 10 days, 1 hours.  15 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 3499.6km | 8 days, 21 hours. 04 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 3375.2km | 8 days, 8 hours. 54 minutes.

UPDATE 11/8:

Chris, Jan, and Sertaç remain unbelievably close considering the distance, the different routes, and the diabolical weather that they've encountered. Driven on by the fantasy of cold beer and Turkish Delights in Çanakkale.

Chris and Sertaç ride through Macedonia into Greece, whilst Jan takes the high road through Bulgaria.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 2743.8km | 8 days, 20 hours.  24 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 2903.4km | 7 days, 11 hours. 7 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 2733.1km | 7 days, 1 hours. 40 minutes.


Three MASONs in Montenegro. Approaching CP-4 we eagerly wait to hear the safe arrival of Jan, Chris and Sertaç. After this, it's the finishing straight to Çanakkele, an historic market town striding the Eurasian border.

Jan's tracker is down, his spirit is not. Next time you want to complain about the wind, just don't.

How to love wind gusts - By Jan.

This morning I left my hotel early to go for a long day again. Within 15 minutes I turned around and went back to the hotel: the wind gusts were insane and literally blowing me of the road.

After checking the weather forecasts, eat a proper breakfast and see others starting to move around I had no choice then to go out and fight the wind. The first 50km were the most horrible ride I ever had. I have never been so scared for so long. This was the first moment in the race I thought about why the hell I was doing this. I took a much needed break and it occurred to me I was the only one taking road 8 along the coast. All others diverted into the mountains making me the idiot. As is was already so far in, turning back or going up into the mountains was no option so I just had to deal with it.

To love something, you need to know it. To know something, you need experience. After 150km in the wind I can assure you I know wind gusts!

They all start with subtle hints: it becomes slightly cooler, grass starts to move and leaves shaking slightly. After one to five minor gusts, the main wave of air will come. The cooler and more turbulent the smaller gusts are, the bigger the main wave will be.

Due to the hints, you can prepare: relax your muscles and steer to the middle of the road. The main gust will do whatever it wants with you so take as much space as you need and adjust speed accordingly. Just ride in the middle of the road, make some random movements so cars will not think about passing you. In most cases you can use your body as a sail, turn it in such position it catches the wind and generates free forward movement. If it's frontal, just take it as a man.

Between the gusts there is an emptiness, use it wisely. I assure you the last 100km have been in complete harmony with the wind. I'll never return to my hotel again... Embrace your fears!


Jan-Willem [10] - > ?km | - days, - hours.  - minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 2432.1km | 6 days, 4 hours. 29 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 2280.6km | 5 days, 20 hours. 39 minutes.


Backed by wisdom and support from veteran and last year's race winer Josh Ibbett, the 3 MASONites are on the last leg to CP-4 before the home straight into Canakkale. Unfortunately Jan's tracker is weather beaten and no longer working, and we have heard that the hot weather and flat roads in Italy were testing of the mind and body.

They have the best part of the race to come. Jan and Sertaç are now riding south through Slovenia and Chris has rested up on the Italy-Slovenia border ready for more solid riding.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 1670.9km | 4 days, 2 hours. 40 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 1818.7km | 4 days, 15 hours. 29 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 1716.5km | 4 days, 12 hours. 27 minutes.


Jan leads the way as he navigates the Stelvio National Park. Chris Dennis now moves ahead of Sertaç, but all three riders continue their journey towards CP-3, Passo Di Giau. MASON riders will appreciate the disc brakes and sure-footed geometry during the descent into the Biois Valley which will test their bike handling skills and equipment performance. They must then climb to 2236m to reach the peak of Passo Di Giau.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 1496.1km | 3 days, 9 hours. 56 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 1365.6km | 3 days, 6 hours. 50 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 1309.1km | 3 days, 7 hours. 49 minutes.

UPDATE 3/8/16:

After dreadul weather for the ascent of Furkapass, the 3 hardened riders thread their way through the winding Alpine valleys, dancing with the Italo-Swiss borders.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 1284.6km | 2 days, 21 hours. 50 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 1226.3km | 2 days, 22 hours. 3 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 1138.3km | 2 days, 19 hours. 5 minutes.


All riders are now in Switzerland, in close proximity but choosing differing routes. They ride on towards the iconic Furkapass -> CP 2

Jan-Willem [10] - > 1064.7km | 2 days, 7 hours. 20 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 1052.3km | 2 days, 8 hours. 12 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 905.8km | 2 days, 1 hour. 32 minutes.

UPDATE 31/7/16:

Jan and Sertaç have safely reach CP1 - Clermont Ferrand . Chris is hot on their heels and all are well.

Jan-Willem [10] - > 649km | 1 day. 9 hours. 36 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 653km | 1 day. 10 hours. 3 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 532.9km | 1 day. 5 hours. 3 minutes.

UPDATE 30/7:

We approach the halfway point to Checkpoint 1, Clermont Ferrand

Jan-Willem [10] - > 365.9km | 16 hours. 32 minutes.

Sertaç  [145] - > 357.2km | 17 hours. 2 minutes.

Chris [146] - > 221.8km | 12 hours. 09 minutes.

UPDATE 30/7/16: We regret to annouce that Josh has scratched from the race. He's suffered from leg and back cramps after never really making a full recovery from the Tuscany Trail dog-attack and as such has made the difficult decision to retire now, and make a full recovery in preparation for his future efforts.