Our latest Mason accessory is the 'Condenser' front rack, designed exclusively for our HotShoe fork which is fitted to the award winning Mason InSearchOf [ISO] bike is in stock now! The Condenser rack mounts to the TriMount of the HotShoe fork and we rate it to a whopping 8kg load-capacity.
The Condenser is TIG welded in steel and finished in durable black powder-coat. We like to have as many products made within Europe as possible including the Condenser; the entire manufacturing process happens in The Netherlands by a specialist with over 100 years experience in rack making.
The factory in the image above is where the Condenser is made.

The craftspeople and innovators who make the Condenser rack are truly passionate about making racks and inventing more ways for people to carry things on our bikes. We consider ourselves very lucky to be working another family business and their expertise has been key to development of our first rack.
It's designed specifically for our HotShoe fork which is fitted to our award winning InSearchOf frameset and mounts to it via our exclusive TriMount system.
Condenser is designed for dynamo lights and accessories. Featuring 2 mounts for dynamo powered lights, one riding-low at the front of the rack and the second up high on the forward facing rear loop. Having multiple locations for a front light is not just convenient for various luggage. It gives you the flexibility to position the light where it is most suitable depending on your riding style. For a more 'touring' or road based adventure, the front low-riding mount works best: the headlamp is low down which increases road surface contrast and is less likely to dazzle oncoming drivers. For more off-road / MTB style riding, the higher mount might be the better choice, where you have easy access to the light controls and the beam pattern is higher up to extend your night vision.

Our new Condenser rack features 4 ports on the main frame tubing to allow for wiring to go to the front light internally and exit to a rear light internally too, ensuring a quality light installation.

The railed loading platform is designed for various loads in dry bags, or backpacks or similar self-contained luggage. A variety of straps or webbing can be used to secure any load to the rack, in particular the new Voilé Rack Strap is an excellent solution to this.

The forward facing rear-upper loop adds luggage support and helps form a secure cradle to lock down on packs, dry bags etc.

Our new #MasonCondenser rack is designed to work perfectly with the #MasonInSearchOf down tube shape which means no contact between rack and down tube at extreme reaches of turning.
We develop all our own products here at Mason Cycles, so it's vitally important to us that all frames, forks and accessories are thoroughly ride tested and ISO tested before we put them into manufacture.

As we do with all Mason framesets, the Condenser is ISO Tested for durability and it's rated for 8kg. We test to a maximum ISO standard of 10kg for ‘sway test’ and 100,000 repetitions for fatigue. Because of this we can rate the Condenser rack to 8kg for normal continuous use, including the shock loading that can occur with off-road riding. You can see a video of just one of the brutal rack ISO tests here.

Angus Young race tested the final Condenser prototype during the 2020 GBDuro bikepacking race. In this race competitors were required to carry the entire food rations and other supplies for the whole route - resupply was forbidden. Angus carried his sleeping kit and extra water on his prototype Condenser rack. As with all our products, the harshest ride testing is not enough and so we then fully ISO test the #MasonCondenser.

Condenser rack weighs 500g.

The Condenser Rack is priced at £100, supplied with all necessary mounting hardware, fitting instructions and warranty information. Straps sold separately.