What happens to a person 6000 miles after turning ProHobo?

Here's a fantastic, down-to-earth interview with Josh and Caroline via bikepacking.com. It's great to see our Bokeh fully-loaded, and in great condition too! Josh has a habit of destroying bicycles he rides...

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Photo Credit: bikepacking.com 2017.

MASONite Josh Ibbett is riding around the world on his Bokeh Force 1X. We keep this page updated with his latest diaries and stories from the road so you can stay in touch with his progress and learn more about his adventure kit on our site.

Josh's adventures totally sum-up what 'AdventureSport' is about. Whether he's blazing a trail through the desert, traversing mountainous passes or tail-gating roadies - This Is Bokeh.

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Here's the full run through of Josh's entire round-the-world kit.