This is our new MASON SLR, built with Shimano GRX Limited 2x.

This groupset, with it's special brushed and polished silver finish, although primarily designed as a 'gravel' group, is a fantastic match for the SLR.

Shimano GRX is a very adaptable and durable groupset with great gearing options, so this also makes it very suitable for a wide range of models across the MASON range.

This special groupset is reserved only for small makers of hand-built bicycles and is never to be repeated. 

There are only 1000 GRX Limited groupsets worldwide, 200 in the UK and we have 20.

It’s certainly worth contacting us soon if you would like to reserve a GRX Limited groupset (1x or 2x) for your MASON build. We are already building bicycles with our stock and when it's really is GONE!