UPDATE: InSearchOf is FOUND!

After TNT losing a shipment of our new 'InSearchOf' frames, 'searching' for them for 2wks, declaring them lost, presumed 'lifted' from a truck. They ARRIVED yesterday over a month after collection & the DAY after us posting on social media.
These frames are SO hard to make, every part is hand crafted, it was painful for us to 'lose' them. The major + for us, was the overwhelming support from industry, media & #MasonCycles friends, this undoubtedly swung the balance to get them found.
Thanks to all for the support for pushing the word out there and for helping to bring the InSearchOf frames home to #MasonBarn ! 

It is with sadness that we must alert you of a stolen import of InSearchOf frames from Italy to our HQ in the UK. Please be vigilant and on the lookout for frame-only sales not through our webshop. The InSearchOf frame is not on the second hand market yet, so any sales are most likely a stolen frame. Please alert us and spread the word if you do see anything suspicious.

A huge amount of time and work goes into every frame. The lead time is around 3 months per batch and every frame is crafted with care and attention. We are saddened and severly disappointed that this has happened.

A batch of 13 frames went missing on its way from Italy to UK on a TNT shipment.

Each frame will have a serial number stamped under the BB in the format: B (Size) 07. Each frame will be unfinished and not prepped, this means that it will require a full set of multiports, stainless screws, front and rear axles, mech hanger, head badge etc.

The boxes will not have any Mason branding on them and they look like this, behind the ISO frame: