Last month our friends at HUNT invited us out for an overnight adventure on the wet, sloppy chalk that is the South Downs. Celebrating Josh's time at Hunt Bike Wheels and wishing him well for his worldy journey in the future.

It was an early start on the Friday so camped (in my van) in the car park the previous night to make things easier. Of course, waking up at 4:30AM the missed calls on my phone made it clear that I was in the wrong car park, so I made the 5AM rush to get to the right meeting place.

HUNT chose March's coldest morning for the shoot so we mostly shivered until the sound of a chopper filled the still morning air. Things were a little different with this operation as HUNT had borrowed a Heli to make thigns look a bit more epic. It's SO HARD to not look at the helicopter flying *pretty close* to you when you ride sketchy trails. I followed the SouthDownsWay past Cissbury Ring to meet the crew near Chanctonbury.

We messed around on slippery trails in an old quarry [see in vid: Josh descending on left] before taking singletrack to our camp for the night.

It's a pleasure to work with our friends at HUNT, thanks for involving us in this video - East Studio did an amazing job on the production. Big thanks also to Apidura for keeping our bivvy kit dry; thanks to Rab for the keeping us warm; thanks to Giro for keeping us safe; thanks to Fabric for keeping us in control; thanks to Morvélo for keeping us well-dressed and dry.

JOSH and HUNT The Next Chapter | HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Wheelset from HUNT | TheRiderFirm on Vimeo.

It's a new chapter for Josh and HUNT and he needed a special wheelset for his round the world biking adventures, which are sponsored by Rapha, so we created the HUNT SuperDura Dynamo Wheelset.