Cover Image Credit: Camille McMillan.

We didn’t set out to make bikes for The Transcontinental Race.

The Resolution and Definition models were designed to be ‘4 Season Performance’ bikes, adapted to the variable and largely poor UK riding conditions. They’re very comfortable, engaging to ride, and suitable to long-distance riding.

Our riders tend to be an adventurous form of rider, and have since directed the MASON narrative towards an ultra-distance, self-supported style of racing that, it would seem, we make the ideal bicycles for.

It could be suggested that the pinnacle of this sort of riding is The Transcontinental Race (TCR).

The PEdAL ED Transcontinental Race is the definitive self-supported bicycle race across Europe.  At the sharp end it is a beautifully hard bicycle race, simple in design but complex in execution.  Factors of self reliance, logistics, navigation and judgement burden racers’ minds as well as their physiques.  The strongest excel and redefine what we think possible while many experienced riders target only a finish.

Founded in 2013 by the late Mike Hall, twice winner of Tour Divide, the World Cycle Race, TransAm Bicycle Race, and the TCR itself, Mike set precedents for human’s cycling endurance.

Today, the strength of the community is a direct result of the path-shaping and kind individual that Mike was. He directly inspired riders to push themselves to enter this race (and similar events) and to live a better life with more freedom.

The state of MASON today is a response and direct result of this age of cycling exploration. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without the adoption of MASONs as the tool for these hugely demanding rides.

In 2015 Josh Ibbett won the 3rd Edition of the TCR on our Definition model, carving out the foundations for our brand today.

A year later, 2016, 5 riders including Josh entered the race on MASONs. This community response was significant for us as a clear sign that riders were choosing our bikes wanted to adventure, pushing their bodies and minds outside of their comfort zone.

Tomorrow, the fifth edition of The Transcontinental Race (TCRNo5) begins in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. Riders set off at 10pm from the historic Flandrien town accompanied by a historic torchlit procession, on their tough journey across Europe to Meteora, Greece.

We’re making our way to Geraardsbergen to witness the start of this tremendous event. We’ll be supporting all of the MASON riders, just as they’ve supported us.

Please stay tuned to our channels for regular updates on The Transcontinental Race.