It's been two years now with my dear orange Mason Bokeh, during which time it's taken a battering but lived a pretty full life. It's given me my freedom, allowing me to cover silly distances riding more types of terrains than I thought it or I were capable of. It's picked up some battle scars along the way but functionally its been without fault, only the odd thing replaced here and there eh, Matt? #triggersbroom

Beyond the bike, I consider myself lucky to know all those at Mason and now consider them friends. The continued support since I bought my bike has been second to none, from keeping my bike rolling and road worthy (and occasionally looking good), to patiently helping me out from far flung places, to supporting and cheering me on during races. And now I even get to ride, holiday, share beers and adventure with my Mason pals. So thank you for everything, I couldn't be more happy that I came to visit the Mason barn two summers ago 'just to have a look...'

Those 2 years in some pretty vague numbers:
▪22 countries
▪~180,000m of ☝
▪8.5 pairs of tyres?
▪6ish chain rings (... and not enough chains)
▪not a single show stopping mechanical
▪6 endurance races (Silk Road Mountain Race, TransAtlanticWay, GBDuro, FURTHER, All Points North, Italy Divide), 1 crit race, 1 CX race, 1 Everest  (its versatility knows no bounds )