WTB 'Byway 650B' Tyre Upgrade £80.00

Tubeless or Tubed?

WTB ByWay 650 x 47mm Tubeless Tyre Upgrade

Heading where the road ends? Make full use of the added volume in your Bokeh's 650B wheels by fitting these Byways for a pillowy ride and tons of grip. Featuring refined shoulder treads for loose-surface grip and with a slick centre-tread for flat-out road speed.

Ultra-adventure pro Josh Ibbett used this tyre for his Round-The-World adventures and they're used extensively by the global MASON community.

We can fit these to your Bokeh build with tubes (£65) or set-up tubeless (£80) and you can make your set-up choices above.


  • 650B x 47mm, Semi-slick, high-performance multi-surface tubeless tyre.
  • This upgrade available on all Bokeh/BokehTi complete builds.
  • Set-up with tubes or tubeless.
  • The ultimate 650B tyre for mixed usage with a road/gravel bias.