We caught up with Josh a few weeks after the Atlas Mountain Race 2024 to hear his thoughts on how the race went and what he thought of the new prototype bike that we built specially for the occasion.

Mason MACRO Preview

Congratulations on the Top 10 finish! Do you feel happy with your performance at this years race?  Would you change anything with regards to your training, nutrition or race strategy?

I cant really be disappointed with a top 10 in an event with a start list as strong and deep as at Atlas… however, I am a little disappointed. It didn’t quite come together for the race despite a solid winter of training, managed to pick up a cold 10 days before the start and felt like it was still in my system at the start. It mean I didn’t really perform at my best and a few percent off will cost a number of places in a race as competitive as this.

What were your race highs this year at Atlas? 

Morocco is a beautiful country and the people are incredibly friendly. It was great to return for my 4th visit, and it was also nice to see some sunshine after a long British winter. 

What was the lowest or worst moment this year at Atlas? 

There weren't many major lows; however, as I’ve already alluded to, I didn’t feel at my best, so I spent a lot of time managing my effort and health to make sure I could finish the best I could. 

Were you happy with how the new Mason MACRO prototype performed during the race? 

Yes, this bike has been a long time coming, so it was great to finally get out there on it. I have a lot of faith in Dom as a bike designer, so I knew the bike would be good on the Atlas route despite only riding it a couple of times before the race. It didn’t disappoint and rode exactly as I’d hoped… it climbed well, saved me some weight, and still could handle the rough descents. 

What was the best thing about the new bike, and please explain how it affected your riding? 

It climbs really well. The RAW that I’d previously used is a fantastic bike but is a bit overkill on a route like Atlas. So the new bike sheds some weight and has a slightly shorter wheelbase, which means it climbs well. It was great on the descents in Morocco, which are rough dirt roads rather than technical MTB trails. For a more technical MTB race (i.e., Highland Trail, etc.), I’d still favour the RAW though. 

Was there anything you'd change about the new bike? 

Nothing major, just a few minor details such as bottle mount positioning or even specific mounts for the top tube bottle. The fundamentals of the bike are already there and excellent though. 

Where will you be taking your Mason MACRO Prototype next? 

Next up for me and the proto (or maybe even production bike by then!) is the Accursed Race in the Balkans in May.