Atlas Mountain Race describes its event as ‘A serious undertaking that should not be underestimated. It takes place in an environment that can be as tough as it is beautiful.’

On the 1st October, MASON Riders Josh Ibbett and Michele Miani rode the AMR, an unsupported, fixed route race that started in Marrakech and finished in Agadir, Morocco.

Josh finished 6th overall [out of about 170 starters] and Mic took 18th both having ridden 1167km and climbed 23,174m before crossing the finish line.

Before the race Mic said

The Atlas Mountain Race setup for my Mason RAW in Morocco does not change compared to the Silk Road Mountain Race. We have lightened a little with no sleeping bag and no merino clothing for the cold, and nothing for the rain. Let’s go!

Here is Josh’s MASON InSearchOf (ISO) bike check video shot in Morocco:

We caught up with Mic post race…

Another race brought home! I left already tired, so I made the race more FUN than FAST. I must say that Morocco surprised me! The Atlas mountains were a wonderful thing, indescribable! There was nothing, only the sound of the wind and the old Colonial streets are something impossible to imagine and very difficult to do in the saddle! Lots of sun, but also lots of wind and rain, but it's all part of the game. Again everything went smoothly, me and my partner (MasonRAW) are super satisfied and we can be happy doing both races [Silkroadmountainrace and Atlasmountainrace] in the last two months. I would not make any changes regarding the setup. 

Looking forward always. 



Mics adventure in photos:

We love how Josh’s photos turned out, documenting his journey on a disposable camera:

Our supported riders are fine people who are our friends first and foremost, they also happen to be phenomenal riders and we are very happy to be supporting them and marvelling at their awe-inspiring achievements. You can read more about them here